title A Night of Rescue Annual Benefit 2015

A shared enemy binds people together with one of the strongest connections known to humanity. We are anti-slavery. We are anti-human-trafficking. We are abolitionists.

This spirit was felt among the 180 individuals who gathered to support The Exodus Road in June at the annual benefit “A Night of Rescue”. We long to be known not only by what we are against, but by what we are for. Each one of us share a heart to help find and free slaves. We know that we can see a world free of slavery, and we are willing to make that happen. We are for freedom.

David Zach We are abolitionists

The Exodus Road held it’s annual benefit the evening of Thursday, June 18. People came from near and far to the lovely Nosh restaurant in downtown Colorado Springs.  We had a fun time getting to know each other and eating gourmet food.

Special guest band Remedy Drive sang songs of freedom from their album ‘Commodity’. Lead singer David Zach shared about his experiences as an undercover operative in South East Asia. The crowd was touched by his poetic storytelling.

As the sun set in the twilight of the evening Matt Parker shared about the desperation of poverty and the hope of freedom. He gave insider details about recent rescues that had taken place because of the sacrificial efforts of The Exodus Road investigative teams. We were swept to the high seas of a slave ship. We were led through jungle slave camps. We heard the cries for freedom from so many bound as indentured slaves. We felt the truth that justice is in the hands of the ordinary as we each held rocks representing those in captivity.

All who came knew that the idea was to raise funds so more people could be set free. Together we raised $29,180 through: donations, the silent auction, the iPad giving stations, and the new text-to-give option. (Text to 41444 the code SENDRESCUE for more info.)

Speaking on behalf of The Exodus Road team allow me to express our deepest gratitude for the participation of each individual who attended this event. We are honored to be a part of such a stellar group of dedicated donors.

Enjoy this video with clips from the night!