“She was unskilled, barely educated, and unable to find work so she spent her time with friends. These “friends” eventually sold her into a brothel where she lived with pain while her family was unaware of her situation. Channary was forced to have sex with clients who she did not love, who smelled bad, and she felt that she was ‘living in a house of demons.’ ” – Channary, Survivor of Sexual Slavery, via Somaly Mam Foundation

Girls like Channary and girls like Sarah suffer some of the worst injustices imaginable. Without a voice and abused daily, they are used as objects in a rape-for-profit, globally-lucrative business. It is estimated that there are 1.2 million children trafficked every year, that 1/3 of Cambodia’s prostitutes are children, and that the trafficking of persons is the one of the largest organized crimes, generating 28 billion dollars a year. While trafficking occurs in 161 countries, including the United States, 30% of all trafficked victims come from Asia.

But you can become an abolitionist for girls like Channary and Sarah. You can help empower their rescue by funding an investigative mission to find and free them.

Our network of investigators, many former police and military men and women, has the collective experience of facilitating the rescue of hundreds of women and children in Asia and around the world. Working as a coalition on specific cases, The Exodus Road team gathers the necessary evidence to encourage local authorities to conduct raids for victims and prosecutions for criminals. We believe working within the local legal system is one of the most effective ways to fight sex trafficking, making the sale of women and children more dangerous and less profitable for the pimps.

But rescues do not come without cost.

And while our investigators in the field are willing to endure stressful situations and dark places, they need the funds to complete their missions. This includes travel to targeted places, lodging while investigating, and operational expenses. Our Director of Operations in Asia manages each mission, providing accountability and quality and then helping pass important evidence on to those trusted in authority.

“Every successful intervention costs the criminals involved in trafficking a huge amount of money. Every successful prosecution costs them even more time and valuable resources Every criminal sentenced to jail changes a commmunity’s and a culture’s understanding of what is and is not acceptable.” – Daniel Walker, Expert Investigator into the Global Sex Trade, author of God in a Brothel

And while each case the coalition works is different, we have found that the total costs for gathering quality evidence which leads to rescue and prosecution is an estimated $1,400 per case. Sometimes, this evidence will lead to the rescue of one and other times it will lead to the rescue of many. Other instances, unfortunately, our investigative efforts will not lead to an actual raid but will instead provide important information that could help empower other cases. There are two ways you can actively empower investigative efforts in SouthEast Asia:

1. Consider donating to or fully funding one mission {like this one} — either individually or as a group with your family or co-workers. You’ll get personal updates on the specific mission you fund and will be able to track how your money has been used to investigate and, hopefully, rescue. It’s a real opportunity to give a slave freedom, a child her life back.

Each mission is given a false name and place for security reasons, but each one listed represents an actual case The Exodus Road Network is currently working. All gifts are tax-deductible.

2.  Another way you can fuel investigative efforts is to join our Sponsor an Investigator program. With a $35 monthly gift, you “hire” one of our trained investigators to go into the darkest of places in Asia and actively look for child slaves and gather initial intelligence on places of suspected human trafficking. $35 covers all local transportation and operational funds for one investigator, who gathers intelligence and passes on tips to the executive investigative team to be assessed and, if helpful, shared with local authorities.  We are finding this tip-gathering surveillance is a backbone of our team’s efforts, and joining the program grants you access to specific email updates about what our operatives are discovering in the field. Read more about sponsoring an investigator here.

Begin empowering rescue, today.