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National Staff

We employ national social workers, support staff, and investigators. We believe training and employing nationals in their own communities is critical to impacting sustainable change.

However, because of the nature of their work and its danger, we can’t publicize their names or photos. So while you can’t see their profiles, you can see the effects of their work in every single rescue.

65% of The Exodus Road staff are local foreign nationals.

U.S. Staff

Co-Founder, CEO

Matt Parker

“We can’t help free those affected by human trafficking if we aren’t actively looking for them. “


As our Co-Founder and CEO, Matt is continually providing vision and oversight for the organization. He has a communications degree and spent a decade working in a local faith community before he began undercover work in SE Asia with police. Currently, he travels and speaks on behalf of the organization, designs the organization’s covert gear, and works with field teams as they press forward for freedom. He has lived overseas several times and traveled extensively doing humanitarian work over the last 15 years. Matt is married to his high school sweetheart, Laura, with whom he founded the organization. They have three kids and love being outdoors in the mountains of Colorado. You can learn more about how he started The Exodus Road here.

Works In:Colorado Springs, Colorado and Global

Co-Founder, VP Marketing

Laura Parker

“No human being should have to live as a slave. It’s not the kind of world I want help build.”


Laura is Co-Founder of The Exodus Road and VP of Marketing. She has a degree in middle grades education, and a second major in English. She began her career as a teacher, and later merged into writing, starting her own blog and writing for various online and print publications. She now directs the Marketing & Communications team and oversees creative storytelling within the organization. Laura loves collaborating with the field teams and bringing back stories from the front lines. After living in Asia for six years, she now lives in Colorado with her three children, and her husband, Matt Parker. Matt and Laura have been married for 18 years and are high school sweethearts. You can read the story of how they started the organization by going here.

Works In:Colorado Springs, Colorado

VP Advancement

Jeanne Honsaker

“The fact that the most vulnerable and marginalized among us are systematically exploited for the sake of profit cuts me to the core.  I just can’t be indifferent to it. I want to play a role, no matter how small, in rescuing these victims and arresting their perpetrators.”


After an extensive career in the commercial real estate industry, Jeanne left corporate America to play her part in counter trafficking.  She now leads the Advancement team at The Exodus Road, and champions fundraising efforts on behalf of the organization. Jeanne is married to her “boyfriend” Bill, has four grown children and one grandchild. She is a fitness enthusiast, having been a Jazzercise instructor for 24 years and a CrossFit athlete for the past four years. Jeanne has been a dancer for most of her life, and has extensive experience in the world of ballet, jazz, and contemporary.

Works In:Phoenix, Arizona

VP of Global Operations

Kevin Campbell

“I’ve worked undercover in brothels with girls and boys the same age as my daughters and sons, sitting beside me, being sold for sex against their will. And, as a father, I would go to the ends of the earth to find my children if they were in need of rescue. That same passion drives me to help other daughters and sons find their way home, too.”

Kevin comes from various executive leadership roles within corporate America. He also co-founded, with his wife, a non-profit that served orphans and vulnerable children in Africa and China. Kevin leads our global investigative teams, building law enforcement and government relationships and partnerships, driving strategic growth initiatives, and advancing our cyber operations capacity to support our teams in the field. His favorite part of the job is working side-by-side with our investigators, who are all experts at what they do. Kevin has an amazing family, loves the mountains, writing, sitting around a fire with close friends, engaging in great conversation, and eating any Greek or Mexican food that he can get his hands on!

Works In:Colorado Springs, Colorado

Advancement Officer

Michelle Ham

“The fact that slavery still exists at such high levels is simply unacceptable.”

Before joining The Exodus Road, Michelle was the VP of Client Relations and Marketing for Churchill Mortgage in Tennessee. In 2015, after being a stay-at-home mom for over a decade, Michelle joined The Exodus Road tribe. She now works with the Advancement team, which allows her to engage with donors and provide oversight in event planning and expansion into the great state of Texas. She loves working with “world changers”—her affectionate  term for her teammates at The Exodus Road. Michelle is a wife and mother and enjoys outdoor activities with her family.

Works In:Dallas, Texas

Communications Manager

Kirsten Privett

“In a nutshell, I didn’t do anything to deserve my life of freedom, and those in bondage didn’t do anything to deserve their life of hell. It isn’t their fault, and I CAN do something about it. I have a part to play, I only had to accept the invitation.”

Kirsten has a degree in Christian Education from Wheaton College, which she credits for her skill for narrative. Kirsten oversees all communication within the organization, including but not limited to email marketing, social media, website management, and video marketing. She loves getting engaged with our online tribe and watching it grow. Kirsten also is the creative genius behind the videos that The Exodus Road produces. As a lover of story, Kirsten enjoys watching movies and is fond of theatre performances. She lives in Colorado with her husband and their dog, Lana.

Works In:Colorado Springs, Colorado

Social Media Specialist

Autumn Cole

“I believe that we are all closer to the problem than we realize, and because of this I am motivated to do my part in making the world a better, safer place.”


Autumn has a degree in Creative Promotions and Design, and before joining The Exodus Road was a graphic design intern for Missouri State University. She has experience in marketing, and now serves as an active member of our Marketing team.  As the Social Media Specialist, Autumn creates content for our social media platforms and encourages conversation in the digital space. She loves visual storytelling and plays a hand in graphic design projects as needed. She is married and lives in Colorado with her husband and their German Shepherd, Jax. She loves traveling, going to festivals, and playing the harp—her pastime for over 13 years.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

PR Specialist

Kelly Allen

“The team here is amazing. I have been passionate about human trafficking for a long time, so to work with a group of people who serve this cause daily with excellence, hope, and courage—it’s an honor.”


Kelly kicked off her career by obtaining a degree in creative writing and journalism. She followed that up with a wide range of endeavors, including news reporting and running her own graphic design business. Kelly now owns the role of PR Specialist and helps tell The Exodus Road’s story via a wide range of platforms. She cares about human trafficking because she believes it is not a “faceless problem” and credits her capacity to empathize to motherhood. Kelly has two boys with her husband Josh, who she has been married to for ten years. In her free time she loves spending time with friends, exploring the mountains, and working on graphic design projects.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

Grant Officer

Maxine Becker

“Our investigators go into the darkest, most broken places on Earth to bring hope and rescue.  I can’t imagine working for anything more important than that.”


Before entering non-profit world, Maxine hustled as a commercial litigator for 10 years. Six years ago, she quit practicing law to spend time with her growing family, and she began writing grants for non-profits. In 2017 she became the grant writer for The Exodus Road. Now her mission is to find foundations and corporations whose philanthropic missions align with ours, and persuade them to join us in our work to find and free human trafficking victims. When she’s not recruiting for our cause, she enjoys spending time with her family—her husband, three kids, and a dog named Sunny.

Executive Assistant

Jessica Arana

“I’m really passionate about human rights in general and learning about how prevalent and widespread human trafficking is really bothers me to the core. It’s such an unnoticed problem that we have the power, and therefore the obligation, to change!”

Jessica comes to us with a  Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies from Pepperdine University, and with previous experience at Compassion International. She does a little bit of everything here at The Exodus Road office from managing Matt’s calendar, to keeping the office stocked and organized, to sitting in on meetings and helping execute projects. Basically, her job is to make everyone’s life easier. She loves the variety of tasks and projects she gets to help out on. Every day is different, and it’s impossible to get bored. She has the coolest parents and two older siblings;  loves to travel and explore new places; and enjoys hiking and horseback riding. She’s travelled to 15 countries in under 5 years. Her goal is to go to a new country at least once every year!

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

Community Engagement Coordinator

Sherrea Sterling

“I care about Human Trafficking because it breaks my heart to know that the victims are being robbed of the light of life and the ability to live life to its fullest.”

Shereea studied Mass Communications at Colorado State University – Pueblo and was Admissions Counselor for Colorado State University – Pueblo from 2013- 2017. She has two beautiful children, an amazing husband, loves hanging out with her family and friends, and she loves chocolate! As the Community Engagement Coordinator, Sherrea is the contact person for all who wish to know more about the organization and how they can help us fulfill our mission. Her favorite part about working with TER is working with such an awesome team of talented and caring individuals – from the volunteers to the executives we are a tribe. One interesting fact is that Sherrea held a fashion show in college and designed each garment worn in the show, all the way down to the gown at the finale.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO


Judy Smith

“Justice for the underserved runs deep in my soul. Human trafficking is especially disheartening for me because its unbelievable to me that humans can do this sort of things to other humans. It breaks my heart to know that people are victimized this way because of social and economic circumstances that are outside of their control. ”

Judy has a BA in Sociology and is pursuing a MA in Health and Wellness Promotion. She was a former fitness instructor and is a forever fitness lover. As an Analyst in the Global Operations department Judy supports our teams in the field with data analysis and collation. She helps paint the big picture of human trafficking using the information gathered by our volunteers and operatives. She loves working for an organization that makes a tangible impact in the world where all are using their individual skills and gifts to to bring justice to those in dark places. Judy lives in Colorado with her husband and adventurous rescue dog.You can usually find them exploring the mountains together.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

Advancement Associate

Kathryn Russel

“I feel that bringing awareness to a problem is the first step toward solving it.”


Kathryn is part of our remote Arizona team, and she works as our Advancement Associate. She has a degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology from The University of Washington.  She has experience as a Vocational Counselor, a stay-at- home mom, and a business owner. Her position at The Exodus Road allows her support our advancement team in fundraising opportunities, and foster relationships with donors, corporations, and faith-based organizations. Kathryn is a go-getter who loves playing tennis, going to concerts, and traveling. Most of all she loves spending time with her three kids and Miniature Schauzer, whom she claims is the “best dog on the planet.”

Works In:Phoenix, Arizona

Board of Directors

The Exodus Road

Matt Parker



Works In:Colorado Springs, Colorado & Global

CURE International

Matt Stowell




Works In:Grand Rapids, Michigan

Washington Nationals, MLB

Daniel Murphy




Works In:Florida, Washington

Homemaker, Human Rights Activist

Tori Murphy



Works In:Jacksonville, Florida


Steve Leigh



Works In:Seattle, Washington

Grateful Inconvenience Media

Nate Griffin




Works In:Nashville, Tennessee

Empirical Technologies

Cliff Clarkson




Works In:Colorado Springs, Colorado

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