Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 10.22.33 AMWe need you! No, really, we do.

Though we have a global coalition that spans several continents, we work to keep our administrative staff lean so that more funding can go directly to investigations, covert gear, and rescues. Because of this, we rely heavily on volunteer advocates who care about the same things we do here at The Exodus Road— freedom for those trapped in the worst possible slavery.

Check out the following volunteer categories of involvement and click on the one that best fits you. The first category “I Like What You’re Doing” requires the least commitment, whereas the “I’m All in!” activities are for more serious advocates. From the selected category, you’ll get a list of several specific volunteer ideas from which to choose.



 —> I Like What You’re Doing

Sample Volunteer Activities:

  • 7 Straight: Use Facebook or Twitter to share everything you read about trafficking for the next seven days.
  • Buy a Book: Read The Exodus Road story. Then give it to a friend to read.
  • Text Updates: Sign up for field updates from The Exodus Road and then ask your Facebook friends to do the same.

—> I Want to Participate

Sample Volunteer Activities:

  • Get Your Company to Fuel Rescue: Get Exodus Road on your company’s matching grant program.
  • Host a Movie Night: Show a anti-trafficking film in your home or community.
  • Join Search and Rescue: Join a team and ask two people to join with you.
  • Pure Charity: Fundraise for a specific need through Pure Charity for our field teams.

—> I’m All In

Sample Volunteer Activities: 

  • Build a Team: Host a Search and Rescue Party.
  • Join Staff: Volunteer as an Investigator or Intern.
  • Undercover Run: Lead a charitable walk/run in your community.
  • Freedom Weekend: Bring The Exodus Road to your church.


Questions? Email: We’re happy to help.