The following is an account from one of our operatives in the field:

“We were on the street, following up on a lead we had gotten from another NGO in the downtown area about underage bar girls. During the night, we were approached by a vendor and led to a smaller side street off of the main road. The vendor promptly pulled out child pornography for us to buy– there was loads of it. And it was literally sickening. He acted like he was selling shoes or purses. We are currently following up that lead, with the hopes of finding the sources and victims involved. We hope to build relationships with the vendor to see what information we can get.

 During our second night of undercover work, we spoke with several prostitutes from Europe who were being held in debt bondage. They each owed the bar owner 5000 USD and the pimp was holding their passports until the girls paid the debt, through prostituting themselves. This is clear debt bondage and is a form of modern day slavery. This is another lead we will be following up on in the near future.”

 – Jeff, Exodus Road Investigator in Malaysia


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