A personal note, from behind the scenes:

7/40 Project from The Exodus Road on Vimeo.


It’s very true that rescue operations cost different amounts in various locations on the globe. Whereas in some countries in SE Asia where we work, the raid of seven brothels and rescue of 40 victims might cost up to $20,000 USD, in India, the costs are much less expensive.

And we, as a community, have a rare opportunity this week to radically impact a rescue operation halfway around the globe.

Our partners in India, Indian Rescue Mission, have intel on seven brothels outside of major city in India. They have already done ground level surveillance and have found there to be 5-7 underage victims in each of the 7 brothels. Most of these girls are between 14 and 17 years of age, and the really motivating factor?

Most of them are currently being sold as virgins.

James and his team of three investigators, social worker, and support staff are ready to move in a week-long raid in this area. They have the basic intel and the staffing, but they lack the necessary funding for operations.

Which, hopefully, is where we as a community come in. 

WIll you consider giving $10 for our 7/40 Project?

That’s all. Simple. It’ll take less than 10 minutes. (And all gifts are tax-deductible and all funds – minus accounting/wire fees– will go directly to this budgeted raid.)

And while you won’t have a trendy bracelet to wear and you won’t be entered into a giveaway for a new car, you’ll know that YOU had a crucial role in literally saving a child’s innocence.

Here’s an official description of the case from Matt:

Bust 7 (Brothels). Rescue 40 (Victims). from The Exodus Road on Vimeo.

As with all of our cases, we want to invite you in. We want you to see the results of the cases YOU help fund– though obviously results can never be specifically guaranteed in this line of work. Thankfully, though, because there are less security restrictions in this area of India, we’ll be able to give you quicker intelligence as to the results of this week-long raid as it gets funded.

Don’t have ten bucks? Maybe your friends do. Consider passing this post along.

No gimmicks, just rescue.

The link to give is here: BUST 7 / RESCUE 40.

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