A core value of The Exodus Road is the belief that we all have a role to play in the fight for the girl or boy trapped in the brothel. We believe that modern day slavery will not be solved by one faith community, political group, racial descent or ideological bent working in isolation. Instead, human trafficking is an injustice that demands advocates from all walks of life, backgrounds, experiences, beliefs.

Because a core component of our work is in collaboration, we want to invite everyone to the table— the table where the focus is bringing justice and deliverance for victims trapped in some of the worst forms of abuse imaginable. To this end, we are an organization that crosses party, national and religious lines, for the sake of the Sarah’s of the world. While we do operate with standards that fit with best practices and local law, we do not discriminate partnerships based on race, religion, or creed.

It is with this spirit of inclusion on behalf of a common cause that we support undercover investigators that are from a variety of faith, political, and employment backgrounds, and why we work with governments and individuals, police and NGOs, military and civilians, men and women, students and adults.

We do believe that it is possible to bring freedom and rescue as a faith or politically-minded organization (and we know of many who do this brilliantly), but this path is not the journey of The Exodus Road. While the Christian faith is the driving personal force of Matt and Laura Parker (founders), the organization itself is a registered 501c3 nonprofit, without religious affiliation.


As always, we are deeply grateful for your support of The Exodus Road and its partners, and we are hopeful that in rallying many for the modern day slave, we might play a role in fostering greater collaborative unity for the sake of justice.


For other questions about our organization, check out our FAQ page.

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