Trafficking in the U.S. – TraffickWatch Stats

Trafficking in the U.S. - TraffickWatch Stats Update

One of the most frequently asked questions presented to us at The Exodus Road is: Do you do have anti-human trafficking operations in the U.S.? The short answer is: Yes, and it’s growing! It’s called TraffickWatch.

Volunteers meet on weekend nights and are given assignments or places of interest to observe. They collect specific data, from the safety of their cars, and then make reports on what they see. This information is then fed into a database system, which highlights tips that are actionable, and then is delivered to local police partners. Currently, the TraffickWatch Program is in Colorado Springs and Phoenix, with plans to expand.

TraffickWatch stats in Colorado Springs:

  • 8 tips since re-launch in April
  • 122 total tips
  • 75 current volunteers and growing

Thank you for your continued interest in the success of this important program.

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