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A Note from our Founders

Dear Friends,
2020 was a year of incredible challenge for all of us. Navigating a global pandemic as a nonprofit was full of forced innovations and changing plans. COVID made us balance and cut budgets, then balance and cut them again. It forced us to navigate remote work and safety concerns as a team, it grounded our international travel, and it brought us face to face, once again, with the reality that hardship has the greatest impact on the vulnerable…

When COVID hit, we responded quickly, strategically, and sacrificially.

Program Overview·

Program Overview·

Program Overview·

Program Overview·

Program Overview·


Traffickwatch Academy

Leveraging a decade of experience on the front lines working with law enforcement partners, our TraffickWatch training program equips national police, NGO practitioners, students, and communities with engaging, quality content from diverse leaders in the counter-trafficking community. Primarily in digital format, and thus highly accessible and sustainable, this training quickly equips front-line workers to recognize and combat trafficking in their communities. 

Nearly a decade of experience.

Search + Rescue

We train local operatives, identify victims, build effective cases, utilize technology and covert gear, and support law enforcement in operations. Our covert investigative tactics are best-in-class, and our collaborative partnerships with police are critical for impact in their own justice systems. 

All Time Impact


Our Search + Rescue teams are currently in India, Latin America, the Philippines (New in 2021!), and Thailand. Each team contains investigators, social workers, and support staff.
Our team of Western volunteer operatives (DELTA Team) supports our local national teams in short-term deployments throughout the year.


Survivors Rescued


Traffickers Arrested


Countries of Operation
Image of Latin American Cityscape from atop a building in the city.

1 Girl Rescued | 1 Trafficker Arrested | Latin America

Monica’s Rescue

Monica’s story is all too common. At seventeen years old, her boyfriend became her trafficker.

*Name is representational to protect the identity of the survivor.

Beyond Rescue Program·

Beyond Rescue Program·

Beyond Rescue Program·

Beyond Rescue Program·

Beyond Rescue Program·


Beyond Rescue

We know that the moment of rescue is only the first step in a survivor’s journey to true freedom. In addition to providing crisis care workers and social workers on our Search + Rescue teams, our Beyond Rescue program was developed with the value of offering holistic care in mind.
Utilizing a trauma-informed approach and working in collaboration with other NGO partners, we are now uniquely tailoring aftercare services for those in greatest need in the countries where we work.

Southeast Asia

Freedom House

This TER-led safe house and mentorship program specifically serves adult female survivors of sex trafficking and sex exploitation.
Located in an area where the sex industry is rampant, this program will offer immediate shelter and care for women in crisis. In addition, it will offer women a one-year program that will include: trauma-informed therapy, life skills classes, counseling, medical care, community internships, and job skills training.
We will be welcoming our first clients in the Fall of 2021.

Learn more about Freedom House

2020 Financials

We take financial responsibility and transparency seriously.


Income Received


Growth Over 5 years


Program Expenses

A legacy of freedom

Top Five Funding Opportunities


Survivor Fund

TER’s Survivor Fund is designed to meet the individual, practical needs of survivors whom we impact directly. The fund includes educational fees, repatriation and legal fees, crisis medical care, trauma-informed therapy, and more. Launching in 2021, this fund will primarily be used on a personal, individualized basis, but could be used for survivor-focused programming, as well.
Representative image of young, cheerful, southeast Asian female survivor holding her 3 year old son.
Representative image of national investigator speaking to man in a street alley in southeast Asia.

Global Operations

Double TER's Rescue Teams

In order to increase our investigative capacity, TER needs to double the front-line investigative staff. In India and Latin America, these funds would allow us to hire at least eight additional national operatives, support staff, or social workers that play critical roles in helping police rescue survivors and arrest traffickers. The remaining $50k would be used in the United States to support DELTA Team – Western volunteer operatives who deploy globally on operations throughout the year. 


Freedom Tech

Our teams design and deploy covert gear and cutting-edge technology in a variety of settings, and they use various platforms to better fight trafficking online. This project supports the purchase and maintenance of undercover gear, cyber-forensic software, training platforms, and other technology that increases our capacity to find those currently trapped in trafficking and deliver that evidence to police partners.
The Exodus Road operatives point to a map on a screen while performing investigations.
Woman navigates to TraffickWatch Academy webpage on a laptop computer.

Global Operations

TraffickWatch Academy

Traffickwatch Academy leverages experts to strategically train and equip leaders to combat trafficking in their communities. In Brazil, our ten-module training course – designed for local law enforcement – will be launched and presented to thousands of officers in late 2021. In the United States, our training modules are designed for the general public to raise awareness of trafficking in America. With funding, we would create a unique module targeted specifically to U.S. students, along with additional educational resources. 


Rescue to India for One Year

These funds will be used to underwrite our Search + Rescue team in India. Our team of national operatives and social workers has an extensive network and strong police partnerships throughout India. They rescue an estimated 100 survivors each year from sex trafficking. Our Country Director recently won a prestigious national award for his work in justice, and our team is poised for an even greater impact. This investment would nearly fully fund current operations for one year. 
Adult female survivor of human trafficking (representative) in India.

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