The Exodus Road coalition began in 2011 in SE Asia and was founded by Matt Parker. As Matt and his wife Laura were living in SE Asia networking with the counter-trafficking community, the need for collaboration among individuals and organizations fighting sexual slavery became apparent– particularly in the field of interventions.

Through his own experiences as a police-sanctioned undercover investigator, Matt began connecting with others on the ground who were heavily involved in both investigations and raids. He began seeing the inefficiencies of efforts made in isolation, the need for funding and support for smaller and national organizations, and the umbrella of structure many individual investigators needed.  Over time, The Exodus Road coalition was born and began working cases as a team.

In April of 2012, as the network of investigators grew, and as our Field Director volunteered to spearhead efforts on the ground in SE Asia, it was necessary for Matt and his family to move back to the United States to advocate on the coalition’s behalf.

Currently, Matt is the acting President and Founder, and his wife Laura is the Communications Director for The Exodus Road.

The Exodus Road: Fighting to End Child Slavery from Justin Lukasavige on Vimeo.