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You Can Make a Difference in the Fight Against Modern Slavery

 By Laura Parker

The single largest question I get when talking to people about modern slavery is this: “But how can I really help?”

The problem feels both far away, incredibly complicated, and too large to make a dent in. The latest data estimates 45.8 million people are in modern slavery today worldwide, and impacting change in such a lucrative and exploitative system of oppression feels a bit like fighting the Transatlantic Slave Trade of the 1800’s. It might just feel as difficult as fighting slavery actually would… Read More.

45 Million People Are Still Living in Slavery

 By Laura Parker

Eighth-grade history left a lasting impression on me when I saw real images from the Atlantic slave trade of the 1800’s.

Pencil drawings of people like sardines on the lower deck of a slave ship. People with their faces behind literal cages on the shoreline. Bearded white men in large hats and high belts, hands holding a whip, some bills or a drink… Read More.

Learn How Exodus Road is Helping Stop Human Trafficking

 By Maritere Bellas Rodriquez

The Exodus Road is a national organization working tirelessly to find and free men, women, and children being trafficked and exploited around the world. This past summer, Exodus Road invited a group of people from different walks of live, but all influential in social media, to visit South East Asia. The idea behind this trip was for these individuals to come back and write about their experience as witnesses of the realities of human trafficking and what they learn about the measures and strategies being used to eliminate this ever-growing global problem.

Breaking News:

Couple Makes Fighting Child Prostitution A Lifelong Goal

August, 2016.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Children as young as 11 years old are being removed from Asian brothels through undercover work by a Colorado-based organization called The Exodus Road. CBS4’s Rick Sallinger spoke with Parker upon return from a recent trip asking, “When you go into a brothel, what do you do? What do you say?”

Reverse Podcast – Remedy Drive / David Zach

August, 2016.

David Zach sings and writes for a band called Remedy Drive, and also spends time as a volunteer operative in Southeast Asia with The Exodus Road. They are a coalition of operatives that find and rescue victims of sex trafficking. Remedy Drive’s latest recording is a concept album on counter trafficking and they’re doing everything they can to recruit ordinary people into the fight against modern day slavery.

Board Member Adam LaRoche Leaves Baseball and Shares about the Work to Fight Sex Slavery

April, 2016.

Adam LaRoche, board member of The Exodus Road, makes public his decision to leave baseball. He also speaks about his involvement in fighting sex slavery in SE Asia. In the Fall of 2015 he and Blaine Boyer, of the Brewers, along with other trained operatives aided in undercover operations to gather evidence of human trafficking working alongside the local police authorities.

WAY-FM Ministry of the Month

April, 2016.

Click the link to hear a short spot which was recorded to highlight The Exodus Road as Ministry of the Month on WAY-FM. Speaking is our very own Volunteer Relations Manager, Jeff Flacker.

4 Minors Rescued from Flesh Racket, 6 Arrested

September, 2015.

Neemuch, INDIA  – The Neemuch police raided a house and arrested five women and one man allegedly involved in flesh trade from Borkheri  village. The police also managed to free four minor girls from the house. “They used to ‘purchase’ minor girls like cattle from poor families paying merely 5,000 and 10,000 Rupees  [ $72 and $154 US dollars] and would force them to enter the flesh trade.”

“Social Network” Slave Syndicate Busted by Thai Authorities

July, 2015.

Bangkok  – Acting on information and analysis from Freeland, Thailand’s Department of Special Investigations (DSI) today announced the arrest of three people for running a human trafficking network that used Facebook and other social media sites to recruit, dupe and intimidate victims across Southeast Asian borders for over two years.

Slave Ship Human Trafficking Ring Busted in Thailand

May, 2015.

A major criminal syndicate in Thailand has been brought to justice. This international operation was trafficking large groups of Rohingyas (a people group primarily from Myanmar) into Thailand and Malaysia. The trafficking ring was gathering 300 – 400 people at a time and loading them onto ships in Myanmar waters with the promise of jobs.

Ugandan Woman Returned Home, After Rescued from Trafficking

July, 2014.

After a successful raid and sting operation, Indian Rescue Mission sees that trafficking survivor and her new son are returned home to Uganda.

Thai Girls Trafficked via Facebook Ad to Malaysia to Work in Brothel

June, 2014.

’Operation World Cup’ started when a Thai woman, ‘Jan’ (pseudonym) snuck in a text SOS message from Malaysia to a friend in Thailand, who in turn passed it on to an NGO, which shared it with trusted police and diplomats, resulting in an impressive bust. In this case, Jan was one of the lucky ones. She was handled properly because of the careful cooperation between Exodus, Freeland and Thai authorities.

28 Girls Freed in India

June, 2014.

Successful raid in India at the ZOOM dance bar, which resulted in freedom for 28 girls (10 minors) and the arrests of 20 customers and owners. Partner India Rescue Mission lead the investigations which was fully funded by The Exodus Road.

Ugandan Woman (two months pregnant) Rescued

February, 2014.

India Rescue Mission, The Exodus Road implementing partner in India, identified and rescued a 22 year old Ugandan national being held captive in Mumbai, India.

57 Girls Rescued from Dance Bar in India. 22 Hidden Behind a False Wall.

November, 2013.

57 sex trafficking victims were rescued in India on November 20th by local police and Indian Rescue Mission, funded by The Exodus Road. The team had attempted the raid on this establishment three times previously but had gotten thwarted by corrupt officials. Upon documenting the girls in the dance bar after the raid, sounds were heard from behind a wall. Teams broke through the wall to find 22 girls hidden behind a false wall.

Mother Attempts to Sell 13 Year Old’s Virginity

August, 2013.

Police near Thane, India rescue a 13-year-old girl just before her mother attempted to sell her daughter’s virginity. Two were arrested in the raid at the girl’s apartment, including her mother and a rickshaw driver who arranged the deal with a covert social worker. The social worker who tipped off the police says that it is rare for the police to get enough information in time to stop the actual sex trade from occurring. The mother told the girl that if she would have a relationship with a man, that the money would solve the family’s financial burden and make the family happy.

Pattaya Police Arrest Swiss Man Over Unlawful Activity with Minors

July, 2013.

67 year old Swiss native was arrested on July 26th, 2013 for unlawful relations with minors. The initial investigation began with both a search and arrest warrant, and upon entrance to Mr. Robert Tschopp’s house, local police found more than enough to satisfy both warrants.

Swiss Man Jailed on Pedophile Charges

July, 2013.

62 year old Gaston Roger Maurer was taken into custody just before he was able to return to Switzerland. Maurer was arrested for multiple instances of molesting young boys, as well as purchasing those boys from transvestite pimp, Rahcan “Arunee” Panpong.

Thai Police Rescue 13 Myanmar Girls from Traffickers

June, 2013.

Freeland Foundation and The Exodus Road partnered together with Thai police to free 13 Myanmar trafficking victims. Four of the 13 girls were under the age of 18, and told officials that they were both beaten and forced into prostitution. Upon arrival into Thailand, the 13 girls were rescued and their 32-year-old Thai trafficker was arrested for multiple charges, including her involvement in the Thai human trafficking ring.

Bar Raided in Thane, 64 Women Rescued

June, 2013.

Heroic Mumbai police successfully raided a bar in Thane, India, after receiving a tip off from a locally connected NGO. The tip off offered intel regarding the flesh trade taking place in the bar, and the police recovered 62 girls in one night. Along with the 62 rescued victims (14 minors), police arrested 24 people, made up by some customers, some bar staff.

Navi Mumbai Police Bust Prostitution Racket

May, 2013.

Mumbai police question whether local Panvel police knew about the flesh trading bar located just 3 kilometers from their station. During the most recent raid in Panvel, which was carried out by a team of 19 police officials brought in from Thane (India), 89 victims total were rescued from the “dance bar”, 31 of these women being minors. Local police authority in Panvel are under investigation, and two men (Deputy Commissioner of Police and Assistant Police Commissioner) have been sent away for a “long leave”.

Radio and Video Reports

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About our Media Sharing

This ever-growing list of news articles and press releases mention The Exodus Road specifically or relate to cases or investigative teams which The Exodus Road has directly supported. In other words, we provided funding, equipment, investigators, or other resources which impacted the cases listed. The news articles do not include the many cases, rescues, and raids our partners have done with their own organizations and apart from the resources of The Exodus Road.

It’s also important to note that that in our communications online and for the cases listed in our press, when we use the term “rescue,” we are specifically referring to removing from slavery a current victim of human trafficking, always in support of local government authorities.

We’d love for you to browse the links, though please know we take no responsibility for the reporting found in them. The most recent articles are listed first. Additionally, it’s important to note that some of the listed media articles are not officially sponsored by our organization, but rather represent the personal ideas and opinions of those connected with our work.