We are connecting artists with our rescue work.

And we’re not even asking them for money.

Instead, we are asking artists to donate one of their songs (or pieces of artwork) to the community here at The Exodus Road. Artists will include a short video describing their desire to see rescue take place as well as their support of the members of The Exodus Road team in the field.

Each artist will be given a page on our site, with which they can promote the download of their free art to The Exodus Road community, can ask their own followers to make a donation to rescue work, and can promote their own projects, as well. We hope this will be a win-win-win– both for the artist, the community here, and The Exodus Road team, as well.

To see our first Artist Advocate, Eric Norhoff, please click here.


If you are an artist (music, fine arts, graphic arts) and would consider donating some of your work to the community here for download, please contact: info@theexodusroad.com . Include the term “Artist Advocate” in the subject line. This is a practical way for you to support rescue efforts around the world.