9th Birthday Campaign

We're celebrating nine years of rescue!

You can gift freedom to a son or daughter today.

Nine years ago, 15-year-old Sarah* was sold on a dark street in Thailand.

Our undercover investigators found her and worked with police to free her and arrest her trafficker. That’s how it all began.

*Name representative to protect survivor identity

Today, The Exodus Road community is celebrating


Survivors Rescued


Traffickers Arrested


Supporters Making Freedom Possible

It's our ninth birthday. Let’s celebrate that first moment of rescue!

This year, you can be part of finding and freeing exploited children in the Philippines as The Exodus Road expands Search + Rescue into this country.

You can compassionately welcome women as they leave slavery and enter healing through our safe house, Freedom Home, in Southeast Asia.

You can equip law enforcement in Brazil with training that will help them identify, prevent, and respond to human trafficking.

$20 can educate a friend about trafficking in the U.S.

$40 can cover one night of investigation

$50 can train one police officer in brazil

$100 can provide trauma-informed counseling to a survivor

$200 can give survivors crisis care during their rescue

$500 can equip an adult survivor with entrepreneurship training

Join the freedom movement.

Your gift will help us continue to investigate, rescue, train, and care for survivors around the world.

Freedom for the next Sarah 

Freedom for the next Sarah 

Freedom for the next Sarah 

Freedom for the next Sarah 

Freedom for the next Sarah 

Freedom for the next Sarah 

You can rest assured that your gift will be used with intentionality and transparency.

We value every financial gift that you trust us with, and we are committed to transparency and accountability in how those funds are allocated. Suggested campaign donations are built on real cost estimates, informed by our nine years of experience in the counter-trafficking field. Your actual gifts will support the program areas of greatest need, following The Exodus Road’s standard of devoting more than 80% of all funding directly to counter-trafficking programs.