Meet Jeanne, our VP of Advancement. ||| “On my first trip to Southeast Asia, I met a girl dancing in a brothel who looked exactly like a Thai version of my daughter. Her facial features, the way she smiled, her laugh, everything about her reminded me of my daughter. Our eyes met across the room and we somehow connected immediately. To see her shortly thereafter be taken by an older man, a customer, was like a stab to the heart, and it really brought human trafficking to a personal level for me. It brought it home that she could be my daughter.

I got to know more about The Exodus Road and human trafficking on that first trip, and three years later, I left a 30 year career in Corporate America for a position with The Exodus Road in the Advancement department. What I love about The Exodus Road is the truth behind our mantra, ‘Justice is in the hands of the ordinary.’ I want people to know that they are the best weapon in the war against human trafficking. The Exodus Road does an excellent job bringing together ordinary people to do extraordinary things—it just starts with caring and being concerned.” Photo by: Ariel |||