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The Exodus Road Bangkok Training January 2016

Team Training in Bangkok

By: Corinne Shark

In January, we kicked off this calendar year with a multi-regional Exodus Road training comprised of 23 of our executive leaders, managers, regional lead investigators and volunteer investigators from Asia, India and the U.S. who all converged in Bangkok, Thailand for the event. The conference room buzzed with vision, information, stats, cultural context and legal processes. Digital presentations and manuals were dissected point by point. Expectations and conduct, objectives and standards were emphasized. Personal testimony and actual video footage stoked the flame within even the most seasoned operatives, bringing every detail, every number, back to real victims with real names.

Training is vital to the success of every rescue with which The Exodus Road is involved, because while the issue of human trafficking is extremely emotional, our search and rescue work is anything but.

  • Training creates a more well-rounded understanding for everyone involved. It’s important for our staff to see what our investigators go through. It opens their eyes to the difficulties each of us experience and humanizes the whole process of this work.

    -Jim*, Regional Director

Training protects the victim. We place a high value on our victim-centered approach and believe training our teams is imperative in maintaining this focus.  Every member of the team, from undercover investigators to office staff, employs strategy and protocol at every turn in effort to protect the minors we are working to see freed from further danger and exploitation.

Training protects the investigator. Equipping our teams to assess and manage risk factors and to exercise safety tactics as they collect evidence in both red-light districts and rural villages is essential.  Even though many of our operatives are former military/law enforcement, the darkness they engage night after night requires a heightened level of vigilance and self-care. We are committed to their health and well-being as they leverage their strengths on behalf of the vulnerable.

Training protects the big picture. We believe lasting change is found in empowering the national authorities as they engage the issue of human trafficking within their borders. Educating our staff and teams on our supporting role facilitates positive relations with local law enforcement as well as maintains our value on contributing to long term systemic change.

Thailand 1.16 046 Training in Bangkok

  • I am happy to have been able to transfer some of the knowledge to my operations team. Also, it was great to meet members of the volunteer team from the U.S. They are great people with good hearts coming here to help victims of human trafficking.

    - Som Piyathamsawat, Operations Manager
Here at The Exodus Road we know successful raids, rescues and prosecutions begin with teams armed with more than just good intentions. We invest in the training of our staff and investigators because we know it will yield the freedom of many. Boys and girls, men and women. Victims of unspeakable violence. More than just a number. Each one, a name.

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Raid in Thailand

By: Corinne Shark

February 25, 2016 marked a day of freedom in Thailand for four girls, three of whom were minors, victims of sex-trafficking being sold the night before in the red light districts of Bangkok. Four Exodus Road Delta Team operatives together with 20 local law enforcement agents in association with the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division of the Thai Royal Police conducted a simultaneous raid on four hotel rooms where two pimps were arrested for negotiating the sale of minors for sex and delivering underage girls to the hotel for service.

Strategic evidence collection on the part of The Exodus Road investigators combined with the ready response, mobilization and leadership of the Thai ATPD police resulted in an inspiring example of collaboration for the sake of the exploited.

Thailand cityscape

DELTA team had the privilege of witnessing the well-orchestrated mechanics of the plan and especially noticed the care taken by the female officers present in each of the hotel rooms during the raid. “Their officers were efficient and professional, moved quickly to set up the operation, and the female officers showed a lot of care to the girls. We are honored to support their work any way we can,” stated Matt Parker, CEO and Co-Founder of The Exodus Road.

While their pimps were arrested and put in prison, the girls rescued were not charged with a crime. Instead they were treated as victims. This detail, as well as the fast action taken by the Thai police, brings hope to this work of fighting for freedom and inspires our support of local efforts all the more. Join us in celebrating this victory. Thank you for empowering rescue as we write four more names on four more stones.

Please take a moment to read the official press release from the case, which includes the law enforcement leadership who were critical players in this mission:

The Exodus Road Supports Thai Government in Rescue Operation