• - Scott, Undercover Operative with DELTA team

    I was so overwhelmed. I thought, yeah I’ve read about it, but here it is, right in front of me. Don’t think a day has gone by where I have not wept over what I saw.

    - Scott, Undercover Operative with DELTA team

DELTA Team is composed primarily of qualified expats who are working in counter-trafficking in SE Asia. DELTA includes a partnering investigative organization whom we fund as well as a committed group of deployed volunteers who serve in two week (or more) stints sweeping areas of interest gathering large amounts of data and evidence. These volunteers must pass a rigorous interview and training process before working with us as operatives. Scott* was one of these deployed operatives.

We’ll be hosting another team of eight deployed operatives in September 2015. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they actively enter dark places on behalf of the oppressed.