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BRAVO TEAM: Nine Children Rescued in Rural India

On November 11, The Exodus Road team in India (known as BRAVO team) and local law enforcement rescued nine minor-age girls from a brothel in a raid that resulted in the arrest of 31 sex traffickers and controllers.  More than 60 police officials were present in a rural part of India where, unfortunately, trafficking situations are common. This raid was unique in the large numbers of arrests made and police officers involved — making it a significant win for justice.

The Exodus Road’s BRAVO team was honored to be allowed to collaborate with police in the investigative phase of the mission and to work towards the common goal of securing freedom for minors trapped in sex trafficking — one of whom was a young teen named Saya*.

BRAVO team 11.11.15 arrests

Saya*, age 15, had spent more than a year at the brothel which was busted during this case. Her family sold her to the traffickers themselves. Saya is now in the protective care of the local Social Welfare Department in India, and The Exodus Road social workers are following up with her personally. We are hopeful for the life that lays ahead of her, along with the future of each girl freed in this mission.

We salute each of the 60 members of the law enforcement, as well as the nationals who comprise our own BRAVO Team, involved in this rescue for the part each played in the fight for freedom. We’d also like to thank Messenger International for sponsoring the mission.

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Bravo Team’s Mission Results in Rescue of Five

By Julia Randall

Rescue came to five women, including three minors, in rural India recently as a result of a raid conducted by local authorities acting on evidence provided by the Bravo team.  Their investigation, which was funded by the END IT MOVEMENT community, was launched when a Bravo team operative discovered minors being sold for sex in the Indian countryside.  The Bravo team then used gear provided by Messenger International to complete “Mission 100 Rupees” to provide officials with evidence of sex trafficking, including undercover video.  The mission was named for the 100 rupees (about $1.56 in American dollars) that traffickers were charging for the youngest survivor, an 11-year-old girl.

Watch footage from the raid here:

We are grateful to the community of the END IT MOVEMENT for funding the investigation that resulted in the freedom of these five women, along with Messenger International for providing the gear used by the Bravo team.   We’d also like to thank Remedy Drive for allowing us to use their song “Wings of the Dawn,” as well as their advocacy work.

We give the Bravo team a huge pat on the back, as well as our tremendous gratitude, for the hard work involved in freeing the survivors of sex trafficking and bringing their captors to justice.

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