For: The Exodus Road Online Abolitionists and Volunteer Fundraisers

The injustices of modern day slavery cannot be allowed to continue without challenge, and we at The Exodus Road believe a major component of fighting human trafficking is in the consistent communication about it. We believe that if we can tell the stories of victims and the stories of their rescue and recovery on a consistent basis, we will be using our social influence to keep the issue of slavery in front of our audiences. When people are not allowed to forget, they will likely be moved to action– action to care more deeply for others, to become advocates for the poor and oppressed, and to stand up for justice in practical ways.

The How.

Online Abolitionists and Volunteer Fundraisers will be challenged to grab relevant content from the website or one of our social media channels to assist them in creating compelling content as they communicate about the issue of slavery. All information will come “washed”– that is, names and locations (and some details) will be changed, if security or privacy is a concern.


If you’d like to share about or fundraise for The Exodus Road online or in print, thank you! We applaud your heart to see a world free of slavery. We’d appreciate it if you would follow the guidelines below and utilize only photos, information, and video found at the following 12 resources.


  1. You must have one link back to The Exodus Road (, or a social media entity of The Exodus Road)In all pieces of communication about The Exodus Road please link back to us. This helps us build online traction, and it also allows our team to consistently monitor what is being said about our organization.
  2. You may not change detailed information provided in the newsletters or websites. Telling sensitive stories, with potential security issues for those in the field, and the details about stories we post are the ones we want communicated. You can feel free to cut and paste stories, re-write them in your own words, or highlight specific pieces of information, but only if the main idea and facts remain. Additionally, details cannot be embellished or changed (for example, if a story includes that a girl was trafficked for 2 months, you should not write that she was trafficked for 4 years). You can learn more about how we report about the numbers on this page: Our Numbers Explained.
  3. We will handle stories with respect.We will not over-dramatize, exaggerate, or falsify any information for the sake of fundraising or greater social awareness. We will communicate truthfully and will give great care in the telling of the stories from the field. Those interviewed (individual and organization) will have given their official permission for us to communicate their stories. All accounts of victims will be altered, in order to protect privacy. There will never be full photographs of victims or investigators online.
  4. There will not be monetary compensation for becoming an Online Abolitionist or Volunteer Fundraiser for The Exodus Road. Any money raised on behalf of The Exodus Road projects will be handled through an online platform (The Exodus Road site, Pure Charity, Indiegogo, etc.) and will go entirely to The Exodus Road to be used in the category of the specified project. Any participation in fundraising or action-based projects is completely optional.
  5. Please review our Media Policy before sharing any photographs or video. Click here: Media Policy.

Online Abolitionists and Volunteer Fundraisers for The Exodus Road who agree to join our team agree to the above guidelines. Together, we can tell stories that matter, that affect change, that fight slavery.

Thank you for helping to find and free slaves.