Daniel is raising funds to fuel his work of human trafficking investigation with The Exodus Road.

Asia Regional Director

Daniel + The Exodus Road

“My heart breaks anew for this issue every single day. As long as that remains true, I will continue dedicating my life to the pursuit of freedom for victims of human trafficking.” – Daniel

Daniel’s role in combating human trafficking is fueled by personal passion and a law degree. He began his career as a child abuse attorney, but he couldn’t shake his heartbreak for those trapped in modern-day slavery. Daniel spent five years leading investigators in counter-trafficking work at another organization before joining The Exodus Road staff.

Since joining The Exodus Road in 2020, Daniel has been a key champion of the expansion of the organization’s work into the Philippines. He excels at unifying the efforts of investigators, local law enforcement, government leaders, and the survivors at the center of his commitment to the cause. Daniel also provides leadership to our Indian (Bravo) and Thai (Alpha) teams.

Daniel’s work on the front lines is gritty work, but it results in real freedom for the most vulnerable and abused. To date, The Exodus Road has empowered the rescues of over 800 survivors and the arrests of over 1000 traffickers worldwide. Daniel is a vital part of that impact.

This is your invitation to help. Will you support Daniel’s work? All gifts made in the United States are tax-deductible through The Exodus Road, and any amount helps. Thank you for your support of the real work of freedom.

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Manila, Philippines

Children will be exploited tonight. You can ensure that courageous, committed men and women are on the front lines to find them.