Dirk is raising funds to fuel the work of human trafficking investigation with The Exodus Road.

Fundraising for Rescue

Dirk + The Exodus Road

Dirk is the assistant volunteer director of all DELTA operatives with The Exodus Road. He has passed an intense vetting process and is actively working with national investigators and law enforcement to help gather evidence of human trafficking in SE Asia, Latin America, the United States, and other parts of the world.

Dirk travels on multiple deployments a year with The Exodus Road team and leads teams that identify current victims, gather critical intelligence, build target packages for police, support operations and assist the national team in the country. Police partners then use the evidence gathered and work to rescue survivors and arrest traffickers. The work of investigations is gritty work, but it results in real freedom for the most vulnerable and abused. To date, The Exodus Road has empowered the rescues of over 1500 survivors and the arrests of over 800 traffickers worldwide. Dirk and DELTA Team is an important part of that impact.

This is your invitation to help. Because this program is completely voluntary, Dirk and the other DELTA operatives cover their own expenses for deployments. They fundraise to cover the cost of travel, lodging, and investigative expenses.

Will you support Dirk and the DELTA team’s work? All gifts are tax-deductible through The Exodus Road, and any amount helps.

Thank you for your support of the real work of freedom. Thank you for sending Dirk and DELTA to the front lines.

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Every gift will empower freedom through investigative work on the front-lines. Dirk is raising funds towards a collective DELTA team goal of $150,000.


Your donation is secure and you can trust that it will help bring freedom and justice to victims of human trafficking.

Manila, Philippines

Children will be exploited tonight. You can ensure that courageous, committed men and women are on the front lines to find them.