This season, rally your community and prove it.

Launching a fundraiser is the best way to send rescue.

Now through December 31, you can join the $NEVER movement and take a stand to end child trafficking.

Choose a Goal Amount

Listed below are specific ways that your funds can be used for rescue. Be creative with how you invite your friends to take part! Consider asking your family to donate the amount that some kids are actually sold for around the world.


Can find victims of child trafficking.


Can provide advanced undercover gear.


Can train a community to spot trafficking.


Can rescue a child!

Launch Your Fundraiser

Have your goal in mind? You’re ready to set up your fundraiser! Follow the steps through the link below to launch, and make sure to upload a personal message and photo that lets your friends and family know why the fight against human trafficking is important to you.

Bonus Tip! Videos are often the best way to compel friends to support your fundraiser. They will love hearing exactly why you believe that Kids Should $NEVER Be Sold!

Share. Share. Share.

It’s time to share your fundraiser with friends and family on social media, through text, or in real life! Make posts or videos with the $NEVER tattoo (get yours here) . Share our campaign video and re-share facts and stories from @TheExodusRoad on your social channels!

Make sure to download the social shareables that we’ve created for you! Just click here to download special graphics and captions that will help you stop the sale of children this season.

Watch the Video

Everyone’s Fundraisers ❤️

It may take 24 hours for your fundraiser to appear here.

And this list won’t be updated on weekends.

More Fundraising Ideas

You go-getter, you!

 Sign up below and we’ll send you a free $NEVER tattoo to use in your fundraising campaign. It’s an easy visual to help motivate your friends.

Using the tattoo (or you can make one yourself with sharpie!), talk about your stand against human trafficking and your fundraiser.

Did you know kids in SE Asia are sold for $20 for sex? For $2 in India? $80 in Latin America, and $100 in The United States? Use that number either as a goal you want to raise in total or ask each of your friends to give that amount. (All prices given here are from actual cases The Exodus Road operatives have worked with police.) 

You can find lots of graphics, downloads and content to help spread the word by going to this page here.

Those caught in human trafficking need all the help we can give. Will you ask a friend (or your whole social community!) to join you in launching their own fundraisers? You’ll literally be multiplying your impact on freedom.

The numbers listed are estimates of the types of projects which The Exodus Road strategically funds.

For example, the $1,000 listed here that could help rescue a child is based on the 2019 cost per survivor rescue, averaged across our three main countries of operation ($942/ per person rescued). This figure does not represent, however, the infrastructure costs needed to support the fieldwork. The Exodus Road reserves the right to utilize all funding given to this campaign in the area of greatest, most urgent need. Click to view a complete view of our past financial and giving policies.

Need help? We’ve got you.

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