You can empower rescue with us specifically by becoming a financial advocate for our work. We connect your desire to fight for freedom with a practical need to meet on the front lines. We can provide you with the support, materials, and resources you need to make your fundraising project a success. You can leverage your time and your network to literally empower freedom for modern slaves.

Below you will find dynamic and proven ways to help raise funds. Scan through to see what works for you. Afterwards please visit our Communications and Media Policy pages for guidelines and tips as you get involved. Thanks!


Online Crowdfunding

We have practical needs on the front lines. You have an online network of friends and family.

If we connect the two via online crowdfunding campaigns, we can partner with you to literally empower deliverance.

Interested? Here’s what to do:

  1. Visit our Front Lines Wish List, and choose a practical field need you want to meet.
  2. Launch a campaign using Pure Charity or Indiegogo. (Don’t worry, we’ll help you!)
  3. Motivate your friends and family to meet the fundraising goal in a realistic timeframe.
  4. Celebrate when the goal is reached! You inspired real abolition within your network.

We will celebrate with you. At the close of the campaign, we’ll keep you posted as to the results of your project, including pictures and stories, as appropriate, that you can share with your network.

My Passion, Their Freedom

You are passionate about something. Running marathons. Selling jewelry at craft fairs. Gathering friends for events.

Why not use that passion you already possess, with the community you already are engaged with, to raise funds for rescue efforts?

Interested? Here’s what to do:

  1. Think of something you love to do already and creatively think of a way to connect it to a fundraising project to meet a front line need (visit this page to view our current needs).
  2. Launch your project. You can use one of our online fundraising platforms, pass the plate, charge an entrance fee, or go door-to-door.
  3. Finish your project, send us the monies raised, and tell us about it so we can celebrate your work.

Connect Your Business

Are you a business owner? Do you work for a corporation? Does your employer have a matching giving program which The Exodus Road could become involved in?

Connecting our 501c3 nonprofit with your place of business is a simple and effective way to empower freedom with us. We also offer a corporate sponsorship program where qualified organizations receive logo placement on our sponsors page.

Interested? Here’s what to do:

  1. Do a bit of research at your place of business and determine how we could best connect. What is the process of becoming a matching organization? What types of programs does your business offer charities? What are the requirements?
  2. Contact Jeff @ for more information about corporate sponsorships or connecting our work with your business.

Host an Event

If you have a heart to gather people together, consider hosting a fundraising event on behalf of The Exodus Road. The event can be a public one at a community center or a private one in your home. Research shows that people are highly motivated to give when they have been personally invited to an event by someone they know and trust; that someone is you!

Interested? Here’s what to do:

  1. Determine what type of event you want to do.
  2. Choose either a goal to meet (from our Front Lines Wish List) or a more general fundraising goal.
  3. Let us know if you need any materials or resources to make your event a success, and we’ll get you what you need.
  4. Host your event, collect your funds, and meet your goal.

Let us know about your event so that we can celebrate your advocacy!