teenage girl looking nervous walking through a parking lot with her backpack with technology related background elements, illustrating the need to fuel cyber investigations for trafficked individuals on Giving Tuesday 2022

Kaley is being trafficked at a motel in your town.

This Giving Tuesday, will you help find her?

Kaley is being threatened and abused into silence by the man who is trafficking her for sex. Even her social media posts are controlled. On her own, she doesn’t see any way out of this abusive trap.

The Exodus Road’s Cyber Analytics Team is using technology to find girls like Kaley who are being trafficked for sex in neighborhoods all over the United States.

Your donation will help our team gather vital evidence and deliver it to law enforcement so Kaley and others like her can be freed from their traffickers.


Will you give to help find and free girls like Kaley?

We have met our matching goal of $30,000!
But, even without a match, your donation will make a significant difference for young women who have been trafficked!

Your gift is secure and you can trust it will make an impact for women and girls being exploited.

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We are so thankful to the sponsors who made our matching gift offer possible so that you could send double the rescue to women and children trapped in sex trafficking!

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How will donations be used?

Your donation will be used to fund The Exodus Road’s U.S. operations, including human trafficking investigation by our Cyber Analytics Team. By using unique technology and skillsets, this team pieces together identifying information about potentially trafficked individuals. This intelligence will be provided to law enforcement to empower them to arrest traffickers while helping survivors access resources and support.

If these needs are met, any additional funds will go to the area of greatest need.

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