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Our mission is to help “find and free” human trafficking victims through strategic action with ordinary people.

Young girl in India smiles and makes a peace sign with her fingers.

The Exodus Road: India

Our India Foundation seeks to grow and preserve a strong presence in Asia by:

  1. Building on the work and momentum of existing operatives
  2. Strengthening partnerships with local authorities, government agencies, and other counter-trafficking organizations
  3. Generating additional, more effective undercover surveillance and rescue operations
Young girl in India being held by a man on the street.

Our Work

We fight human trafficking strategically and comprehensively. We gather evidence, utilize technology, support local police, and facilitate rescue operations and arrests.

We also invest in prevention and awareness programs and survivor aftercare projects.

Two investigators in India (Identity obscured) walk down a street together.

The Global Story

The Exodus Road is a nonprofit that helps local law enforcement find and free victims of human trafficking and arrest traffickers. While we are headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, we also work in India, SE Asia, and Latin America. We work hard to equip local communities to fight slavery in their own backyards, as well as to encourage effective collaboration among those already working in the counter-trafficking space.

About the Exodus Road

We strategically and holistically fight human trafficking through prevention, intervention, and aftercare around the globe.

How we started

Our Story

While Matt and Laura Parker (co-founders of The Exodus Road) were living in SE Asia, they were exposed to marginalized people groups who were being targeted by traffickers to enter the sex industry. Matt began networking with local police and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to learn more about the prevalent problem. He soon realized how few organizations were actively looking for those trapped in modern slavery. In 2012, after building relationships for two years with law enforcement and NGOs in the area, as well as investigating over 250 brothels, Matt and Laura started The Exodus Road. They set out to empower and unite those already working in the counter-human trafficking field—specifically in the intervention space. Read “How We Started” for the full story.

Full Story

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