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The Exodus Road Employment Opportunities

The Exodus Road: Employment, Volunteer, and Internship Positions

The Exodus Road is a 501c3 nonprofit which strategically fights modern slavery. We offer a variety of employment positions that are paid, volunteer, and support-based, in both our Colorado Springs home office and at our field offices in SE Asia.

For our overseas volunteer positions, volunteers may wish to fundraise to cover expenses associated with their role. While we can not offer fundraising/accounting assistance at this time through our organization, volunteers may wish to fundraise through their churches or online charitable sites. For our internships, we offer reporting for any educational credit that an individual may require. All applicants must be college graduates or current students. All Volunteer Investigators must be over the age of 30 (some exceptions may apply).

If you are interested in gaining valuable experience in both the nonprofit sector as well as in the counter-trafficking arena, please take a look at our current openings. Feel free to email a cover letter (please include the job for which you are applying) and resume to: (unless otherwise noted in the description). We’ll try to get back to you in a timely manner.

Thank you so much for your interest in The Exodus Road.

Volunteer Covert Intelligence Officer (VCIO) {Volunteer}: The Exodus Road is currently seeking qualified individuals to join our investigation teams in various global locations. This role serves as a key function in The Exodus Road’s targeted intervention initiative, which is to support local authorities and governments in the identification of human trafficking victims and their traffickers. VCIOs will work on a team to manage and advance current case loads and intake new cases. All agents will work underneath the authority of the Director of Operations. It is important to note, The Exodus Road has no legal authority in the countries where we operate to make arrests, breach targets or remove victims as this is the role of local and national law enforcement entities. The role of the VCIO is to support the efforts of local and national law enforcement agencies in the identification of victims and those who enslave them. Read full description here.

Status: Accepting Applications. Interested applicants should send ALL required documents to: and Thank you. 

To get your background check with company, VerifiedVolunteersclick here.

Public Relations Specialist, Colorado Springs {Full Time}:  Your school papers are considered collectors’ items. You triple-check your emails. You read books, blogs, magazines, cartoons—not everything, necessarily, but almost everything. You’re a force to be reckoned with while holding a pen. You are a self-starter, college graduate, team player, strong communicator, lover of snacks, a stickler for grammar, and have momentum to see ideas through to the finish line. You’re the copywriter we’ve been looking for, and we want you on our team. You’ll be working with the Comms team to write copy for campaigns, press releases, articles, newsletters, white papers, websites, and anything else we want to wordsmith. You will be a part of creating and implimenting a PR strategy and you’ll be a part of all of the Comms team’s big ideas (and some of the cute little ones too).

This position will be located in our Colorado Springs office. Read the job description below for a full list of qualifications, but note this person must be passionate about fighting human trafficking.

Status: Accepting Applications. Interested applicants should send an introductory email to: Thank you. 

MultiMedia Developer/Intern, Colorado Springs {Volunteer/Internship}:  This person must have strong experience in both videography and photography. Must have editing, filming, and photographing experience and working knowledge of basic filmmaking. He/She will drive most aspects of our multimedia, including creating videos, editing footage, organizing footage, taking and editing photos, etc. Most of our video needs will involve creating short videos for social media about recent field updates, raids, missions, projects, etc. This position will be located in our Colorado Springs office. Applicant must be a self-starter, high school graduate, passionate to fight trafficking, team player, and strong communicator. This position will require a minimum of 15-20 hours weekly. Internships are typically 6 months.

Status: Accepting Applications. Interested applicants should send an introductory email to: Thank you.