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You can use the tattoo as a visual for your social media posts, and for your real-life friends, to show that you want a world where kids are never sold.

How to Use Your Tattoo

Parents, give them to your kids and share about how children are valuable and should be protected.

If you are a student, create a Tik-Tok or IG post showcasing the tattoo (tag us @theexodusroad). Kids your age are the most targeted for human trafficking today, but you can take a stand for their freedom!

If you lead a group of students, consider grabbing a tattoo for all of them and taking a group picture to post on social. It’s a great opportunity to talk about a relevant issue to this generation.

If you want to launch a fundraising campaign, use the tattoo to kick it off with a personal video or post about why you want a free world.

Spread the Word

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