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Official Response | February 24, 2021

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The Exodus Road turns to Case Closed Software to Investigate Human Trafficking Globally

PR Web

The Exodus Road, a global organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking, announced today that they have adopted the industry leading investigation case management system from Austin, TX based Case Closed Software.

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Local Nonprofit Fights Human Trafficking by Hosting Live Virtual Event

PR Newswire

The Exodus Road, a nonprofit based in Colorado Springs, CO, will be hosting a live, virtual event to celebrate Human Trafficking Awareness Month (January). The collaborative event will demonstrate unity in the fight against modern slavery and will feature the work and leadership of three established nonprofits, Free the Girls, Hope for Justice, and Love Justice International.

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Exodus Road Rescuing Girls Worldwide as Traffickers Change Tactics Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns

Christian Post

Over the past seven years, Remedy Drive frontman David Zach has spent much of his time going undercover in brothels and red-light districts searching for evidence of sex trafficking. He’s also teamed up with Matt Parker, founder of the anti-human trafficking organization The Exodus Road, and together they use covert gear to capture evidence of human trafficking.

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Fighting Human Trafficking with The Exodus Road

Traffic And Funnels

For world problems like human trafficking and other poverty-based social issues, they can be overwhelming. While we’re in the middle of a pandemic across the globe, there are people being enslaved around the world against their will being forced to do things you can’t even imagine.

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David Zach – Meet Rock Band Frontman Combating Human Trafficking

PR Newswire

David Zach is the frontman for the rock band, Remedy Drive. He uses his music to shine a light on slavery and injustice and the band helps to rally ordinary people to fund and participate in the modern-day abolition movement through The Exodus Road.

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The Partnership that Changes Lives with The Exodus Road

The Part-Time CEO

“The stories are difficult, the steps needed are dangerous and ugly, but doing the right thing isn’t always easy. Laura shares her own personal journey navigating through vicious challenges that come with being a part of such a difficult, but needed, road.”

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Kraft case casts uncomfortable spotlight on depths of massage parlor sex trafficking in US

Fox News

Illicit massage businesses (IMBs), as they are referred to by law enforcement, have long been known to use beauty and spa messaging as a front for their thriving sex businesses. But what is of increasing concern now is how the IMBs serve as a dark and sinister hub for sex and human trafficking.

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Grooming is gateway to child sex trafficking as ‘seducing’ moves online

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Instead of lurking in shopping malls and parks, predators who befriend and sell children for sex now hang out on social networks like Facebook and gaming sites, said experts fighting to stay one step ahead of rapidly-evolving criminal gangs.

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A Local Anti-Trafficking Nonprofit Focuses on American Victims

5280 Magazine

The Exodus Road has helped liberate victims of human trafficking from regions such as Southeast Asia and Latin America. Now it’s addressing the problem at home.

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