“How can I help?”

One of the most common questions we get here at our office is, “How can I help fight human trafficking . . . besides donating? What can I do in my own hometown?” 

We have a simple, practical, and effective way for you to fight slavery in our world — without leaving your living room. All you need is a computer, and we’ll equip you to become an online advocate for freedom. Join the community of abolitionists today.

What is an Online Abolitionist?

Online Abolitionists participate in a Facebook community group. They creatively push back the darkness by keeping the issue of modern slavery at the forefront of people’s minds and social feeds.

You’ll get a chance to engage with other like-minded people who are passionate about freedom through conversations we’ll hold in the group. We’ll also be providing you with shareable content to inspire awareness and action right where you are. As part of our inner circle, we’ll also be periodically asking for your help and feedback on projects we launch.

The size of your social following doesn’t matter. What does matter is your commitment to leverage your online network on behalf of the millions of modern slaves who are suffering abuse. Join us and become an Online Abolitionist today. Justice is at your fingertips.

Start by signing the Online Abolitionist pledge. Click below to sign!

It Only Takes 3 Minutes.

“We all feel the longing to participate in the freedom of another human being. . . .You have a sphere of influence when you sit at your computer – you tweet one tweet, you retweet The Exodus Road, and that’s where it starts for somebody. They’re in front of you; they’re your digital congregation.”

— David

online abolitionist