BREAKING: We are thrilled to announce that Daniela was rescued on December [date redacted], 2021!  This was only possible because of generous donors like you!

But there is still work to be done. While investigating the Latin American brothel where Daniela was held, The Exodus Road’s operatives uncovered a larger trafficking network. We need your help to pursue them.

Daniela was just 14 when she was lured from her home.

A crumbling economy and gang violence made wariness a way of life in Venezuela. Daniela watched her family and neighbors do whatever they could to survive. Despite the difficulties, she held her hopes and dreams for her future close to her heart. 

She was 14 when she got a text from a friend she had not heard from in months. “Hey, want a job?” the text asked. “I know you always wanted to try modeling!!”

As Daniela asked for details, her excitement grew. It would be easy, her friend said. The modeling job was in a neighboring country, but a talent agent would send someone to take care of the travel arrangements.

This is it, Daniela thought. This is my chance to survive.

The car that rolled up beside the curb had dark tinted windows. Daniela slid into the backseat, barely noticing the metallic click when the doors locked.

The trip passed in a blur. Daniela was nervous, but she told herself: I have nothing to fear. Eventually, the car stopped beside a suburban home hemmed in by a tall fence. This doesn’t look like a modeling agency.

Inside, Daniela found herself in a dim hallway. Almost immediately, a brisk woman came and guided her into a side room with no windows. The only furnishing was a starkly-made bed. When the woman gave plain, matter-of-fact directions about what Daniela would be doing, the needles of anxiety grew into a piercing sword of terror. 

The first man arrived. He was much older than Daniela. She was still hoping it couldn’t be true as he closed the door behind him.

It’s been two years since that day. Instead of the hopeful 14-year-old she once was, at 16 Daniela has endured the repeated trauma of being sold for sex to strangers. The only way out has been made clear to her: you can leave when you find two other girls to take your place

She doesn’t know that anyone is coming.

But we are coming. Freedom is coming.

The Exodus Road’s operatives have been part of rescuing more than 1,500 women and children from sex trafficking and part of the arrest of more than 800 traffickers.


This is Mary, Senior Writer here at The Exodus Road. I wrote Daniela’s story two weeks ago. I am thrilled to tell you that since then, Daniela was rescued! In the process, [number redacted]* traffickers were arrested!

But there are additional girls who need your help. In investigating the brothel where Daniela was held, The Exodus Road’s operatives uncovered a much larger trafficking network. Other girls just like Daniela are still trapped.

You can send rescue for these girls.

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