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Search & Rescue Program

People often ask us, "So how do I help? What do I do now?" We typically answer simply, "Rescue a child with us." And then we tell them about our Search & Rescue Program.

You may not be able to physically go and rescue children trapped in brothels, but you can send investigators on your behalf. You can hire a mercenary of hope to look for victims of sex or labor trafficking, to gather tips for police partners, and to begin collecting key evidence for rescue. By joining the Search & Rescue program, you will actually be joining a real-life investigative team in the field. You become the Basecamp that sends trained investigators to the front lines.


What Do I Get?

By joining our monthly Search & Rescue Program, you will be empowering freedom on the front lines. And we will do our best to keep you connected to the work you are fueling. We’ll provide you with:

  • Email updates about progress made, for your team and all teams, including videos, photos, and stories
  • Mailed reports twice a year with highlights from your field team
  • Frequent social media updates, tagged with your team (Ex: #DELTAteam) 
  • A brass team token (along with a welcome packet) to remind you of your membership on the team
  • Updates to your inbox from the team blog on our website
  • Confidence in knowing that you are literally empowering rescue for victims of trafficking
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How Do I Join?

  • Look through the field team descriptions and choose the team you’d like to empower and join. Each team has been given an internal code name but represents an actual field team, loosely organized geographically. (If you don’t have a preference, we can choose a team for you.) By joining the team, you’ll be committing to a $35/month donation. $35 is what we’ve found the average night of local investigations costs our men and women in the field. A portion of your monthly gift goes to other field-related expenses which keep investigators active. (See our FAQ page for more details.)
  • Sign up for the program by following the link below. Be sure to mark your $35 gift recurring monthly in the “payment frequency” box and select the team you’d like to join (or leave it blank and we’ll choose for you).
  • Welcome to Your Search & Rescue Team! You’ll be getting a welcome packet in the mail from us with information about your team, a team token, a bumper sticker, and additional information about your team from The Exodus Road. You’ll also receive regular updates from your field team about their efforts via post and email. Most importantly, you’ll know that while you may not be able to physically go yourself into a brothel on behalf of a victim of sexual slavery, you’ll be sending a trained investigator who can. And will.
  • - BRAVO Team Lead Investigator

    Thank you for partnering with us. Together, we will rescue many girls.

    - BRAVO Team Lead Investigator

Fund Investigations That Lead to Rescues Like This:

Funding the search, enables the rescue. We can't free slaves until we find them. This is what the Search & Rescue Program is all about. JOIN TODAY.

 All funding in the Search and Rescue program is designated as operational funding for field teams. While we attempt to honor donor designation, The Exodus Road reserves the right to place funding to the team that is most in need. A portion of all donations to the program also helps cover contract salaries or other necessary expenses which allow operatives to legally operate.