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Search & Rescue Teams

The Search & Rescue Program: Hire an Investigator, Recover a Slave

Our Search & Rescue Teams are geographically-based and represent real-life teams in the field, active in both evidence gathering and support of local police fighting slavery. Donors give $35/monthly, the estimated cost of sending a front line operative out into the field, and thereby join their chosen team. In doing so, donors receive updates, newsletters, and stories which continue to connect them with the literal rescue they are empowering.

Take a moment to review the teams below and choose which you’d like to empower.

Because we can’t help free them until we find them.

ALPHA team

THAILAND. This team is focused on empowering nationals to fight slavery in their own communities. Managed by our Thai Operations Manager working from our head office in Northern Thailand, this team is composed of national staff, operatives, and partners working throughout SE Asia, but predominately operating in Thailand. ALPHA maintains victim-centered care during and immediately following operations, as they work closely with national social workers on all cases.

  • Comprised of mostly nationals (full-time, contract, partner, and volunteer operatives)
  • Focused on fostering close partnerships with local government partners and systems
  • Works both local and higher-level cases, predominately in sex trafficking of minors and labor trafficking

You might want this team if you care about Thailand and about equipping nationals to fight trafficking in their own communities.

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BRAVO team

INDIA. This team is comprised of nationals and includes: a lead investigator with over 15 years of experience, investigators and social workers. They maintain close relationships with local police and actively conduct investigations searching for those trapped in brothels. Should a partner organization in India apply for support for a specific case, we may divert funding to meet those needs, as well.

  • Composed of nationals, including the lead investigator who has been involved in over 1,000 child rescues in his career
  • Working in a country with extremely high instances of sex trafficking, including virgin sales
  • Social workers provide quality transitional care and advocate for survivors, post raid

You will want BRAVO Team if you are passionate about India and if you want to see nationals succeed. You can expect to see a fairly high number of rescues and successful cases .

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UNITED STATES. In the U.S., we have launched a program called  TraffickWatch, which is our CHARLIE team initiative. We utilize vetted and trained volunteers to gather tips of possible trafficking scenarios to pass to local authorities, after information is uploaded and analyzed with our customized database software. Funding for this team supports administrative, database and travel/training expenses, since volunteers donate their services for the program.

  • There are an estimated 60,100 people in modern slavery in the United States (1)
  • We equip Americans to actively look for trafficking and exploited, or missing children in their own communities
  • Utilizing technology to actively support tip-gathering for local law enforcement
  • Currently, the TraffickWatch program is in Colorado Springs and Phoenix, with plans to expand

You will want to join CHARLIE team if you are committed to seeing trafficking effectively battled in the United States and you want to support local police efforts, while equipping civil society to “do something” about slavery.

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DELTA team

SOUTHEAST ASIA. DELTA is comprised primarily of Western operatives — contract investigators, deployed volunteers, and partnering teams. The majority of DELTA members come with a military or police background.  DELTA focuses, with local and federal police, on both local traffickers, as well as larger crime syndicate cases. They utilize cyberforensic technology and a centralized database system to effectively collect and analyze data of trafficking from the region.

  • Our volunteer operatives serve this team, assisting the team remaining full-time on the ground
  • Utilizes innovative technology to produce more effective case work
  • Many members serve with a military or police background and are highly trained

You might want to join DELTA Team if you are inspired by what Westerners can bring to the front lines, especially former military, you are passionate about fighting crime syndicates, and you have a heart for Asia.

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The Search & Rescue Program is the closest we can get you to the front lines of the fight against slavery. You’ll be directly empowering a field team, and you’ll receive relevant information about their work. JOIN US. SEND LITERAL RESCUE.