Never underestimate the power of voices — many, many voices.

Even if you can’t give financially to the work of The Exodus Road and even if you are not able to travel to SE Asia firsthand, there are a host of ways you can still fight trafficking. Below is a list of easy (free!) options for you to get involved with our team and spearhead social change. Check back often, because the list will be continually updated:

1. Like The Exodus Road on Facebook. And personally ask all of your friends to. This puts our updates in front of more people, raising awareness and potential actions.

2. Subscribe to our newsletter. And forward the first one to your email address book, asking them to subscribe, too.

3. Follow us on Twitter at: @theExodusRoad.

4. Choose a current fundraising project and share the widget/link with your online or real-life community. Personally advocate on behalf of the project until it gets fully funded.

5. Educate yourself on trafficking and sexual slavery, and tell your friends what you find.

6. Watch a movie about trafficking or the global sex industry.

7. If you have a blog, consider applying to become a part of the Exodus Road Blogging Team.

8. Begin a Trafficking-Awareness group in your community, church, or college campus.

9. Attend a justice conference.

10. Click for Rescue. A free campaign that raises funds for rescue and will hopefully launch shortly.

 “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has” – Margaret Mead