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Rescue is Coming.

We Were Both Pretending 2:12

Not Even A Teenager 1:46

Every Other Day 2:47

The Story of Noi 3:29

Fighting Sex Trafficking: David’s Experience 3:49

Crossing the Road 3:26

1500+ Survivors Rescued

and we’re not even close to finished.

From our India Country Director…

“They will be sitting, like we stand in a movie theater to get a ticket…”
This is what our India Country Director said when asked to describe the lines of men waiting to have sex with minor girls outside some Indian brothels. This video is an excerpt of that conversation.

She Could Be Me : A Story of Human Trafficking

After learning about the realities of human trafficking, a group of high school students were brave and vulnerable enough to go on camera for us. These students ages 14 – 18 chose to participate in a video project where they told the story of a real-life human trafficking survivor named Jami. The resulting video was incredibly powerful and one of our personal favorites.
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A Podcast on Human TraffickingHuman Trafficking Education
January 2, 2023

EP 29 | Debt Bondage in Pakistan’s Brick Industry

On this episode of Until All Are Free, Preston sits down with Drew and James, two volunteer investigators with The Exodus Road. The two recount their recent travels to Pakistan, where they…
A Podcast on Human TraffickingTER Operatives
August 29, 2022

EP 28 | Interview with an Anti-Human Trafficking Director in Asia

Joining Preston on this episode of Until All Are Free is Daniel*, the Asia Regional Director at The Exodus Road. Daniel has investigated more than 1,000 locations in Asia for…
A Podcast on Human TraffickingInterventionTER Operatives
August 3, 2022

EP 27 | The Exodus Road and The Rohingya of Myanmar

Oftentimes, the stories that we share focus on one single individual. One story. One Case. Episode 27 is a little different in that regard. We're bringing you a glimpse into…

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