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Human Trafficking Rescues

12 human smugglers arrested in Brazil due to anti-trafficking technology and training

They’re known are coyotes — the criminals who profit from illegally smuggling migrants across the…
Human Trafficking Rescues

39 women freed and 5 traffickers arrested in an operation that disrupted a notorious redlight district

Police stand guard outside of one of two raid locations within the redlight district. The…
Human Trafficking Rescues

14-year-old girl freed in Thailand, the teenage trafficker who advertised her online in custody

Police gather with a social worker outside of the raid location. Ratana* trusted Ceanay,* a…

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How we holistically fight human trafficking.

We are an organization of action, and we’re bringing about systemic, holistic change. We invest in three core programs:  TraffickWatch Academy, Search + Rescue, and Beyond Rescue.