Our Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much a video communicates? You can learn lots about human trafficking and our work right here.


Sunlight On Her Face

Singer/Songwriter David Zach wrote the lyrics featured in this video after hearing the story of an actual trafficking victim who was locked in a windowless room for months. When she was rescued she said she was so happy to feel the sunlight on her face.


This cinematic piece developed for The Exodus Road by Grateful Inconvenience illuminates the human spirit that shines even in the darkest places. Rescue matters, not just for the millions, but for the one.

Together We Can

Together, we can fight human trafficking. Justice is in the hands of the ordinary. Special thanks to June 2016 Storytellers: Heather Armstrong, Kelley Wickham Hurst, Doug French, Erika Morrison, and Roxanna Sarmiento.

27 Million Stones

The Exodus Road’s Co-founder and CEO Matt Parker asks the question about the fight for freedom: “Why don’t we just give up?” Sharing true stories of rescue from the world of sexual slavery, he gives an answer few of us will forget.

The World is Hungry for Love

“The world is hungry for love, and we will go to great lengths to even get a semblance of it.” Tina Francis Mutungu, a storyteller from our April 2016 trip, shares about the systems of isolation and brokenness that typically feed the global sex industry.

Sunlight on Her Face

Singer/Songwriter David Zach of Remedy Drive talks about how he started his undercover work with The Exodus Road and why he keeps fighting for freedom. Video by Storytelling Pictures.


My Name is Jami

After learning about the realities of human trafficking, a group of high school students from a local church were brave and vulnerable enough to go on camera for us. These 14 students ages 14 – 18 chose to participate in a video project where they told the story of a real-life survivor — many with tears. The resulting video, was incredibly powerful and one of our personal favorites.

Crossing The Road

CEO and Co-founder Matt Parker tells two stories of split-second decisions to respond to people in distress. Ordinary people can choose to act for justice.

Inside a Rescue: The Story of Noi

“Help me, I’ve been trafficked!” her text read. Hear the story a young woman in desperate need of help and how teams converged across continents for her rescue.

A Young Girl for Sale

Heather Armstrong and Roxanna Sarmiento, part of the 2016 storytelling team, tell the story of a young girl for sale in a bar in Southeast Asia.

From the Army to The Exodus Road

A former Master Sergeant shares his experience as a Volunteer Covert Intelligence Officer with The Exodus Road after a 21-year U.S. military career.


Jadyn’s Story: Human Trafficking in the U.S.

“I’m at rock bottom. No one cares, no one loves me, and no one will miss me if I don’t make it out. There is no place for me to go.” — Jadyn, an American teen, contemplates her next steps while coming face-to-face with trafficking.

A Journey to the Front Lines Against Human Trafficking

Our April 2016 storytellers share their experience of coming face to face with the realities of human trafficking, and how we find hope in the one. Special thanks to: Sarah Mae Hoover, Tina Francis Mutungu, Dawntoya Thomason, Vickie Reddy, and Alece Ronzino.

Enslaved Fishermen

Three men shared about the harrowing conditions of their enslavement on a fishing vessel during an interview with our June 2016 Storytelling Team. Our team was captivated by the hard facts and sad truths. Heather Armstrong and Kelly Wickham Hurst of The Exodus Road Storytellers share their reactions to the interviews.

Celebrating Five Years

The Exodus Road celebrates five years of work as an organization, helping to find and free slaves. Here, we celebrate the work of our community and look toward future expansion.

Raid Footage: Mission 100 Rupees

In this undercover footage of a raid in India, The Exodus Road team and local police rescue five young girls from sex slavery.

Night For Rescue

We love gathering with our friends in real life! Here’s a quick glimpse into one of our Colorado events, A Night For Rescue.