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"27 Million Stones"

Together We Can

Not A Number

2016 Undercover Run

Decorated Veteran Now Fights Human Trafficking

The World Is Hungry For Love

From the Army to The Exodus Road

Six Girls Rescued out of Sex Trafficking in India

MUST WATCH: Raid Footage, 5 Girls Rescued from Sex Trafficking

Nationals are the Key

Enslaved Fishermen

Playlist of all 7 videos from the June 2016 Storytelling Trip

A Journey to the Front Lines of the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Playlist of all 9 videos from the April 2016 Storytelling Trip

Matt Parker - "Justice Is In The Hands Of Ordinary People"

About The Exodus Road

The Humble Beginnings of The Exodus Road


A Queue For Young Girls in India (Conversation with India Country Director)

Why Do You Care About Human Trafficking? We Asked Practitioners. They Answered

Rock Singer Talks Trafficking: "Ordinary People, Tearing the Darkness"

A Night For Rescue: "We are Abolitionists"

Matt Parker on becoming an Undercover Operative

Musician's Heart Breaks when he Meets a Girl for Sale

Female Undercover Operative: What Do You Want Trafficking Victims to Know?

Undercover Operative: The Girl He'll Never Forget

Operative Brings 30+ Years of Investigative Experience to the Field

For Activists: The Two Words You Must Not Forget

Matt Parker: Collaboration is Essential

The Liberty Alliance 2015 Leadership Conference

DELTA Covert Footage

A Pastor Tells a Story from a Red-Light District

89 Victims of Human Trafficking Rescued (Covert Footage)

How Can I Fight Trafficking in My Community?

The Exodus Road & One Day's Wages Fuel After Care

89 Reasons

Search and Rescue

We Are Watching

Teenager Rescued from Private Brothel

INDIA RAID FOOTAGE {And How a Camera Can Save the Day}

5K Run and kids Fun Run for The Exodus Road

The Exodus Road & Financial Transparency.

Girls Hidden Behind a Wall. (Update on raid for 56 victims)

Teenager Rescued from Private Brothel RAID FOOTAGE HERE

Exodus Road Covert Footage. MUST WATCH