Ordinary Heroes

You are proving that justice is in the hands of the ordinary. Meet a few volunteers who’ve especially inspired us.

Madison and her family sell jewelry


Eight-year-old Madison makes and sells jewelry, then gives the profits to help fight slavery with The Exodus Road. She and her family go to farmers markets in the summer, and they sell to their friends. She’s raised thousands of dollars so far to support our work! “Slavery is happening to kids. I want to help, and I know I can make a difference,” she says.



David & Remedy Drive sing songs

David Zach

David and his band, Remedy Drive, are using music to help make a free world. This rock band travels the states to perform concerts while advocating and raising funds to fight slavery. Not only are many of their songs focused on abolition and justice, but David has been a long time operative with our field teams, serving in nearly 10 deployments in multiple countries. Their newest album is entitled Northstar and contains recordings from David’s time in SE Asia with our team.

Location:Nashville, TN

Role:Advocate, Operative & Fundraiser

Nate takes photos and produces films

Nate Griffin

As a board member from the very beginning, Nate Griffin has volunteered his time and talent on behalf of The Exodus Road. Most of the amazing photos you see on this website were taken by him on trips to the field with us. He has served undercover as an operative (even in a successful rescue mission!) and his team produced the breathtaking ONE video for us. Nate is using his art and his influence to impact freedom in significant ways.

Location:Global Community & Nashville, TN

Role:Artist, Operative & Advocate

Karena runs in high heels

Karena Steir

Karena Steir from Iowa doesn’t run your typical fundraiser events. One year she ran a half marathon in high heels, and the next she ran in 50 pounds of heavy chains. Both races were symbolic of the poverty and bondage most trafficking victims face. She utilized her unique method of racing to teach others about trafficking and raised money for freedom in the process. Now, she organizes an annual Heels for Hope event — encouraging teens to stand against trafficking.


Role:Advocate, Fundraiser

Dave* works undercover


Dave* is a former Master Sergeant in the Army who now volunteers as a covert operative on the front lines. Like so many of our operatives who volunteer, his military experience is an incredible asset in gathering evidence for local police and assisting in training and rescue missions. Dave has served on multiple deployments and is now volunteering full-time with our teams overseas.

Location:SE Asia


Brandon and Shelby gave a class prom

Brandon and Shelby

Class prom turns rescue operation! Brandon and Shelby organized the event “A Night to Fight” where they hosted a prom fundraiser at their high school.  All the proceeds from the dance went to fuel freedom work, and they stopped to take a photo to prove it. They recognize that trafficking often involves teens their age, and they leveraged their night of fun on behalf of trafficked teens around the world.

Location:North Carolina


Brothers sold lemonade

Two Brothers

Instead of playing at the pool or battling each other on a video game, these two brothers fought slavery in their neighborhood one afternoon with a “Freedom Stand.”  They sold cookies and lemonade with a chalkboard sign that read, “Money goes to help end slavery.” These young abolitionists are changing the world, one drink and treat at a time.

Location:The Freedom Stand


Griffin and Valerie sell resources online

Griffin and Valerie

Griffin and Valerie Stewart at 5DayDeal.com understand the power of the online marketplace and community. These two business owners host large selling events where resources from experts are packaged and sold in bundles. They launched their business with the hope of positively impacting the world, and to date they have donated over 1 million to their chosen charity partners. They are evidence that businesses are powerful tools for a slave-free generation.

Location:Online & Colorado

Role:Business Owners & Donors

Cameron hosted a concert


This high school student from Wisconsin believes teens can help fight trafficking. He helped organize a fundraiser event in his community, which included one of his favorite bands, Remedy Drive. He advocated and organized and promoted, and then raised  nearly $700 for rescue work. The shirts they are both wearing claim that people are not commodities — a truth Cameron helps practically communicate to those trapped in slavery.



Laura organized races

Laura Morgan

Laura Morgan combined her passion with running with her passion for freedom. She jumped in locally in our Colorado Springs office and helped to coordinate all the details for our Undercover Run for two years. She attended meetings, helped with promotion, and organized a million details to help our team pull off a safe and successful community event. We are so grateful for our local volunteers like Laura!

Location:Colorado Springs, CO

Role:Local Volunteer

Summer hosts an annual fitness classes


In Colorado Springs, Summer is committed to both fitness and freedom. She hosts an annual local event where she raises money for the work of The Exodus Road, while telling those involved about the realities of human trafficking. The event includes silent auctions and inspiring workouts — and lots of dancing! She’s spreading activism and a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

Location:Colorado Springs, CO


Jeremy sold clothes

Jeremy Bitner

Jeremy is passionate about abolition. It’s why he gave 20% of the profits from his clothing store Seven Status to The Exodus Road for four years. It’s also why he trained his staff to ask all customers to “round up for rescue” at the cashier during checkout. He and his team at Seven Status raised thousands of dollars, while telling thousands of people about the work of The Exodus Road. “Seven Status exists to raise awareness and release women from what I believe to be the most disgusting evil in this world today, human sex trafficking,” Jeremy says. (And the bonus? Jeremy now works on staff for our team in Texas!)

Location:Colorado Springs, CO

Role:Business Owner & Donor

Sara and Tyler gave freedom at their wedding

Sara and Tyler

This young couple wanted their marriage to begin with meaning, with rescue. Instead of a traditional wedding guestbook for people to sign, they had their guests write their names on stones to represent our “freedom rocks” here at The Exodus Road. For every stone a guest signed, Sara and Tyler gave one month of support for the work. And so while they started their journey together as a couple, they also invested in the freedom journeys of many around the world.


Kids wrote thank you notes

Kids in Arizona

When a mom from Arizona decided to host an event to raise money for a field team, she wanted to give kids a way to get involved, too. While their parents participated in a silent auction at her home, the children wrote thank you letters to investigators – complete with hearts, stickers and glitter. Their parents raised enough to buy a needed motorcycle for a team of operatives, and the kids raised the spirits of those same men and women on the front lines.

Location:Phoenix, Arizona

Role:Fundraiser & Encourager

Teens made a film about trafficking

Colorado Teens

After learning about the realities of human trafficking, a group of high school students from a local church were brave and vulnerable enough to go on camera for us. These 14 students ages 14-18 chose to participate in a video project where they told the story of a real-life survivor — many with tears. “People look back and say that slavery or human trafficking was something from the past, something we read in history books, but it’s a real problem right now,” said Mia, 14 years old. The resulting video, She Could Be Me, was incredibly powerful and one of our personal favorites.

Location:Colorado Springs, CO



They traveled to the front lines and wrote stories

Storytellers & Influencers

Jamie Wright, Kristen Howerton, Roo Ciambriello, Heather Armstrong, Alece Ronzino, Sarah Mae, Vickie Reddy, Tina Mutungu, Dawntoya Thomason, Doug French, Roxanna Sarmiento, Kelly Wickham Hurst, Erika Morrison, and Jeremy Stanley are artful communicators. They each leveraged their talent in writing and photography, along with their extensive online influence, to travel to SE Asia and see the work on the front lines on three different storytelling trips. They then wrote, blogged, instagrammed, and tweeted about their experiences for their followers. They raised funding and brought thousands to the gritty front lines in the process.

Location:Global Participation

Role:Storyteller, Advocate, Fundraiser

You have a part to play in rescue.