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Your monthly gift to our Search + Rescue Team will be designated 100% for the front lines. You will be funding investigations, covert gear, social workers, rescue operations, and aftercare initiatives for survivors. Your gift will ensure that our national teams in Thailand, India, and Latin America can keep rescuing survivors and arresting traffickers.

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Our Search + Rescue team members are a generous, committed community. Membership is much more than a monthly donation. In return, you'll receive a monthly newsletter informing you of the impact of your financial commitment, including progress reports and stories of rescue. You can also meet your fellow team members on the Facebook group created just for Search + Rescue!

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You can get good news of your impact to your phone. By texting the word, "RESCUE", to (727) 273–7283, you'll also sign up for short text message updates of rescue missions as they happen. It's an easy way to make sure you don't miss a single survivor to celebrate. They are some of the best texts you'll ever receive -- and you will have a hand in every single one!

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Search + Rescue FAQ

How does the Search + Rescue program work?

Your monthly pledge supports rescue operations that find and free victims of human trafficking. Your donations cover costs like investigators’ salaries, training, transportation, equipment, and related expenses. With more than 1,600 rescues to their credit, our frontline investigators could not operate without the support of Search & Rescue donors like you. Your donation will also support social workers who will provide trauma-informed care for survivors.

Where does The Exodus Road work in the world?

The Exodus Road has offices in the United States, India, Thailand, Latin America, and the Philippines. Because human trafficking is everywhere, we are always evaluating opportunities to expand our reach into different countries. When credible and strategic opportunities arise we engage in a thorough due diligence process.

Why are you focused on fueling intervention work in the fight against human trafficking?

The Exodus Road was birthed out of a recognition of the deficiencies of intervention efforts around the globe. That deficiency still exists; so, we remain focused on intervention. We believe that when human trafficking practices and networks are disrupted today, we are preventing countless victims from being enslaved tomorrow. This is a strategic, effective, and long-term approach to bringing about positive social change.

What about fiscal transparency and accountability?

The Exodus Road is committed to fiscal responsibility and accountability. We are a 501c3 nonprofit corporation in good standing in the state of Colorado. Though not required, we have voluntarily undergone an Independent Financial Audit from the reputable accounting firm, Capin & Crouse, and have passed every year we have completed it.

You can see our full financial data here.

Who are your undercover operatives?

The Exodus Road considers the safety of its operatives in the field of utmost importance. Because many of the agents live in the same countries where they are investigating, we do not publicly identify them.

The Exodus Road utilizes both Western volunteer operatives, who often come from military or law enforcement backgrounds, as well as a team of employed national investigators. Currently, most are male, but we do have several female operatives as well. Because of security, most active operatives maintain secure identities. All operatives must pass an extensive vetting process, which includes a psychological evaluation and field training.