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5DayDeal provides high-quality photography and video education at an incredible discount while donating 10% of gross revenue to charity.  Since 2014, they have donated almost $3M to charity, and more than $200,000 to the work of The Exodus Road alone.

As parents to three amazing daughters and as human beings in general, our hearts break for those in modern-day slavery of all kinds. We have been supporting the team at The Exodus Road since 2016 and are thankful for the work they do to free those in slavery and help arrest perpetrators. We have watched and admired as their team has worked hard to put in place systems and processes that have allowed them to continue to increase their reach and impact around the world.

Griffin and Valerie StewartCEO and COO, Respectively

More than $200,000 given in support of freedom.

As a Platinum Member of the Free World Business Alliance, 5DayDeal has donated over $214,000 to fight human trafficking in partnership with The Exodus Road. Learn more about their generosity to our work by visiting their website, here.