We strategically fight human trafficking.

And we’d love you to join us.


We’re on a mission to find and free them.



How we fight human trafficking.


Raising awareness and empowering the vulnerable.

While our primary focus is on human trafficking intervention work, we are deeply committed to holistically empowering freedom through prevention work as well! Our TraffickWatch® website is an award-winning online experience that educates the general public about the realities of human trafficking locally and globally.


Bringing rescue to sons and daughters alongside local police.

Our primary expertise lies in empowering nationals to gather evidence of human trafficking, and facilitate rescue missions with local police. Since 2011, we have provided local law enforcement, governments, and NGOs with technology, investigative support, funding or training to enhance their ability to deliver justice in their own countries. We have encouraged effective collaboration among organizations fighting slavery while working within national legal systems to effectively change criminal activity by making human trafficking a more dangerous crime.


The first step in the journey of restoration.

The Exodus Road employs social workers as an integral part of our Search + Rescue teams in each country where we work. In the critical hours after a rescue, our social workers are present to care for survivors in crucial ways. We also support local, private aftercare shelters that specialize in caring for human trafficking victims.


“Thanks a lot because you’re the one who did this for me. May God bless you and your family. I'm so so happy. Thank you.”

Cathy, August 2013

The Exodus Road has been a chief partner, and we are incredibly pleased to continue to work alongside them for the freedom of sex slaves and the empowerment of local investigative and advocacy teams. As a charitable foundation, we highly recommend their work and their integrity.

Austin Bevere, Private Foundation Partner

Since I am unable to physically be the one to rescue people, I love being able to donate to an organization that is able and willing to rescue as many people as they can. The stories of rescue are a great way to lessen the gap between me and those who are caught in human trafficking. It reminds me that each person is important. No matter how far away they are or what language they speak... they matter!

Mindy, Donor

I spend a lot of time telling the story of The Exodus Road and our fight against trafficking -- trying to plant the seeds of hope and action that I truly believe are going to go out and bend the moral arch of the universe towards justice. I love talking about the heroines and heroes that I've met doing frontline work in the arenas of justice, mercy, and compassion... and I love trying to convince anyone I'm in conversation with that small and loving action in the face of fear and apathy is the only way we're going to see change.

David, Delta Operative, Volunteer


Where we fight human trafficking.

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Our newest team is comprised of both national and foreign investigators. We are working closely with the authorities on a variety of human trafficking and transnational cases.

Led entirely by nationals, our Search & Rescue team here has had tremendous success with local police. They focus on fighting sex trafficking, particularly of minors.

The Exodus Road started its first work in SE Asia. We have two offices, a Search & Rescue team, and both national and foreign staff. We fight sex trafficking and some labor trafficking here.

Utilizing evidence gathered from our Cyber Operations Center, we mobilize investigators to follow leads and support authorities throughout the U.S.


Values that guide our work.

Justice is in the hands of the ordinary.

Every individal has a role to play in bringing freedom.

We believe in action.

Our trained operatives facilitate rescue missions for survivors of trafficking in partnership with local law enforcement.

We believe survivors deserve dignity.

Our social workers and projects support survivors as they transition from rescue into true freedom.

We believe in strategy and technology.

Our experts utilize advanced technology to locate survivors and gather evidence for successful raids and arrests -- impacting the larger systems of slavery.

We believe in equipping local communities.

Our teams around the world train and equips local leaders, law enforcement, and civil society to recognize and fight human trafficking right in their own backyards.

How we started.

The Exodus Road was founded in 2011 by Matt and Laura Parker. Our origin story captures the essence of our belief that, "Justice is in the hands of the ordinary."

Our financials.

We take financial responsibility and transparency seriously here at The Exodus Road. Our Financial Reports and Independent Financial Audits are public.

You have the power to bring rescue.

When you join the Search + Rescue program, 100% of contributions made stay with Search + Rescue to be used for investigation, rescue, and aftercare work on the front lines.