An organization strategically fighting human trafficking

Sons and daughters will be abused tonight for someone else’s profit. But we’re helping to stop it. Here’s how.

We believe in action

Our trained operatives facilitate rescue missions for survivors of human trafficking.

We believe in equipping local communities.

Our team trains and equips local leaders, law enforcement and civil society to recognize and fight human trafficking right in their own backyards.

We believe in strategy and technology.

Our experts utilize advanced technology to locate survivors and gather evidence for successful raids and arrests– impacting the larger systems of slavery.

We believe survivors deserve dignity and restoration.

Our social workers and projects support survivors as they transition from rescue into true freedom.

our work

We fight human trafficking by facilitating raids, rescues, and arrests with local police. We also invest in prevention and survivor care projects.

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We fight human trafficking globally.

Search + Rescue

Our Search + Rescue teams operate around the world. They work with local police and utilize cyber forensic technology to gather evidence and support rescue missions and arrests.

We fight human trafficking locally.

Community Action

Justice is in the hands of the ordinary. And our volunteers from all walks of life are proving that you can fight human trafficking, right where you are.

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