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We are an organization advancing freedom, and we refuse to let slavery flourish on our watch. Why? Because every human being, every child, deserves freedom.

The Exodus Road began when Matt and Laura Parker were living and working in SE Asia. After two years on the ground, building networks, researching the problem, and doing undercover work with local police, Matt and Laura began The Exodus Road.

Today, we are a growing nonprofit which focuses on bringing strategic solutions to the counter-trafficking movement. Our primary focus, from the beginning, lies in fueling targeted interventions and rescues by providing funds, covert gear, technology, resources and staff to support local authorities in finding and freeing modern slaves.

We also support prevention and after care projects for holistic victim care, provide trainings for nationals, encourage collaboration among practitioners through The Liberty Alliance, and work to mobilize civil society to actively fight trafficking in their own communities.   Read More: WHAT WE DO


The Exodus Road Believes:

  • slavery will not thrive on our watch,
  • justice is in the hands of the ordinary,
  • each victim is worth fighting for and honoring,
  • collaboration is key to effectiveness,
  • nationals are the greatest assets in their own communities,
  • that finding and freeing slaves demands both courage and resources,
  • civil society can make an impact on modern slavery,
  • in the great value of prevention and after care initiatives,
  • big-picture strategy and organizational transparency are key, and
  • our communications should honestly bring donors to the front lines.