Who are the slaves of today?

Those affected by human trafficking live in 136 countries, including the United States, Canada and Europe. 70% of those enslaved are women and children. They are forced to work in brothels, on fishing boats, in factories and in private homes. These individuals suffer inhumane conditions, without fair pay or opportunity to leave. 67% live in Asia alone.

three ways to fight human trafficking


Prevention helps people stay out of slavery. It typically involves programs like education, community development, public awareness, training, rights advocacy and economic development.


Intervention helps those currently trapped in slavery. It can involve activities such as conducting investigations, supporting law enforcement, providing technology to fight trafficking online, and supporting rescue operations and arrests.

3survivor care

Restoration helps survivors after release from slavery. It usually includes medical care and counseling, job skills, education, and legal advocacy aimed towards helping survivors re-enter society as healthy individuals.

How does The Exodus Road fight human trafficking?