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National Staff

We employ national social workers, support staff, and investigators. We believe training and employing nationals in their own communities is critical to impacting sustainable change.

However, because of the nature of their work and its danger, we can’t publicize their names or photos. So while you can’t see their profiles, you can see the effects of their work in every single rescue.

65% of The Exodus Road staff are local foreign nationals.

U.S. Staff

Co-Founder, CEO

Matt Parker

“We can’t help free those affected by human trafficking if we aren’t actively looking for them. “


As our Co-Founder and CEO, Matt is continually providing vision and oversight for the organization. He has a communications degree and spent a decade working in a local faith community before he began undercover work in SE Asia with police. Currently, he travels and speaks on behalf of the organization, designs the organization’s covert gear, and works with field teams as they press forward for freedom. He has lived overseas several times and traveled extensively doing humanitarian work over the last 15 years. Matt is married to his high school sweetheart, Laura, with whom he founded the organization. They have three kids and love being outdoors in the mountains of Colorado. You can learn more about how he started The Exodus Road here.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO and Global

Co-Founder, President, Chief Communications Officer

Laura Parker

“No human being should have to live as a slave. It’s not the kind of world I want help build.”


Laura is Co-Founder and President of The Exodus Road as well as the Chief Communications Officer. She has a degree in middle grades education, and a second major in English. She began her career as a teacher, and later merged into writing, starting her own blog and writing for various online and print publications. She now directs the Marketing & Communications team and oversees development within the organization. Laura loves collaborating with the field teams and bringing back stories from the front lines. After living in Asia for six years, she now lives in Colorado with her three children, and her husband, Matt Parker. Matt and Laura have been married for over 18 years and are high school sweethearts. You can read the story of how they started the organization by going here.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

VP of Global Operations

Kevin Campbell

“I’ve worked undercover in brothels with girls and boys the same age as my daughters and sons, sitting beside me, being sold for sex against their will. And, as a father, I would go to the ends of the earth to find my children if they were in need of rescue. That same passion drives me to help other daughters and sons find their way home, too.”


Kevin comes from various executive leadership roles within corporate America. He also co-founded, with his wife, a non-profit that served orphans and vulnerable children in Africa and China. Kevin leads our global investigative teams, building law enforcement and government relationships and partnerships, driving strategic growth initiatives, and advancing our cyber operations capacity to support our teams in the field. His favorite part of the job is working side-by-side with our investigators, who are all experts at what they do. Kevin has an amazing family, loves the mountains, writing, sitting around a fire with close friends, engaging in great conversation, and eating any Greek or Mexican food that he can get his hands on!

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

VP of Communications

Amy Roth Sandrolini

“I’m a journalist turned human rights activist—and trafficking in persons is the most violent affront to basic human rights. It’s a crime against humanity. I’m compelled to do something—empower rescue and justice, give a voice to the voiceless.”


We’re so excited to introduce our new Vice President of Communications, Amy. After more than a decade traveling the globe as a journalist, Amy turned her talents to the human rights and counter-trafficking sectors. She spent time working with the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See (Vatican) in Rome, Italy, where she leveraged U.S. Department of State resources to train Catholic nuns to identify and assist human trafficking victims. She also spent time leading communications and public affairs efforts at the Initiative for Inclusive Security at Harvard University and International Justice Mission. As our VP of Communications, she now provides support and counsel across all internal and external messaging.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

VP of Advancement

Stephanie Steinbart

“Entering the world of counter-human trafficking has been a journey for me and certainly not one that I ever anticipated being part of. It’s dark, messy, and excruciatingly sad. But it’s real. And it’s happening every day in every country in our world. Slapped with this truth, I had a decision to make. Would I turn away and pretend I didn’t know? Or would I accept the call to use my feeble gifts in an effort shine just a ray of light in the darkness of this reality? Certainly, the ordinary can do extraordinary things.”


Stephanie is The Exodus Road’s VP of Advancement. While originally from the midwest, she spent most of her career in the South before moving to Colorado. Stephanie has a degree in education and comes to us with over 15 years of nonprofit experience! During her tenure, she has worked for a multitude of organizations including the Susan G. Komen foundation. She has a passion for using her gifts of organizational leadership and collaboration to empower donors to have a hand in the mission of an organization and plans to continue to do just that. She is looking forward to beginning this new chapter in the beautiful state of Colorado working to help find and free victims of human trafficking. Stephanie is excited to share the gorgeous mountain views with her three sons and her husband.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

Director of Finance and Business Administration

Cara Bohannon

“Trafficking is another way that women and people are abused, and abuse is not okay in any form.”


Cara joins our team as our Director of Finance and Business Administration. Cara has a strong background in both the non-profit and corporate world and is a wizard when it comes to all-things HR, finance, and business. We appreciate her hard work and determination for our organization. Her love of problem-solving and putting new systems in place allows our behind-the-scenes team to function in a streamlined and consistent way. When Cara is not at work, she loves reading and biking. She is also an accomplished flutist and has even appeared as a soloist on an album.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

Global Operations Manager

Jessica Arana

“I’m really passionate about human rights in general and learning about how prevalent and widespread human trafficking is really bothered me to the core. It’s such an unnoticed problem that we have the power, and therefore the obligation, to change!”


Jessica comes to us with a  Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies from Pepperdine University, and with previous experience at Compassion International. In her role, she is responsible for supporting all major functions of the Global Operations department. In her day-to-day activity, this means overseeing the general functions of all of our Global Operations teams to ensure success, training across each of our field offices, supporting training for our law enforcement partners, maintaining our technological systems, and acting as a liaison between TER and our system providers.  She has the coolest parents, two older siblings, and a cat named Kita who makes an occasional appearance at the TER office. Jessica loves to travel and explore new places and enjoys hiking and horseback riding. She’s traveled to 15 countries in under 5 years. Her goal is to go to a new country at least once every year!

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

Business and Administrative Coordinator

Katlyn Campsmith



Katlyn is the Business and Administrative Coordinator here at The Exodus Road. She does everything from assisting with receipting and billing to assisting with internal financial communications to coordinating office management, basically, she’s our office hero. Before working with us, she worked as a Nursing Assistant for two years at the VA and before that as a caregiver for seniors with dementia. While her new position is definitely a change of pace, she’s adapted quickly and has blown us away with her work ethic. Not only does she take care of our organizational needs, but she is also a dedicated Mother to two children as well as a full-time student. When she does have downtime, she loves to spend time outdoors with her friends and family.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

Brand Strategist

Autumn Cole

“I believe that we are all closer to the problem than we realize, and because of this I am motivated to do my part in making the world a better, safer place.”


Autumn has a degree in Creative Promotions and Design, and before joining The Exodus Road was a graphic design intern for Missouri State University. She has experience in marketing, and now serves as an active member of our Marketing team.  As the Brand Strategist, Autumn is responsible for the integrity of our branding and works on our larger graphic projects like reports and event branding. She loves visual storytelling and plays a hand in graphic design projects as needed. She is married and lives in Colorado with her husband and their German Shepherd, Jax. She loves traveling, going to festivals, and playing the harp—her pastime for over 13 years.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

Multimedia and IT Specialist

Kyle Bush

“To me, freedom is the most basic human right. I can’t think of anything that is more important than fighting for those who have been deprived of that right.”


After earning his degree in Film and Video Technology from the Colorado Film School and working for Discovery Church as a Media Director – Kyle has joined our team. We have loved having a Multimedia and IT Specialist in house! Kyle is the technical genius behind many of our videos, including “Sunlight on Her Face”. He’s also on standby to resolve all of our basic IT issues. Kyle blows us away with his mastery of technology and talent for storytelling. Kyle lives in Colorado with his wife and daughter and is also pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. His dedication to his family and our mission makes him a great asset to the team. The best part about Kyle? His heart for social justice.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

Marketing Content Writer

Victoria Garcia

“Human trafficking is a deeply complex issue that has roots in many aspects of society. I feel that it is my duty to use my abilities to highlight these issues and where they intersect to encourage others to take a stand and make a change where they can.”


Victoria joined The Exodus Road team as a Marketing Content Writer after graduating from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communication and a minor in Professional and Technical Writing. Before graduating, she was an intern at The Exodus Road in the communications department. Her time as an intern made her a great fit for us and she was excited to become a permanent part of the team. She is responsible for drafting and writing content for The Exodus Road such as blog entries, social media posts, video scripts, and even staff bios! While Victoria lives in her ‘home’ state of Colorado with her four birds, she visits her extended family in Australia as often as possible. During her down time, she enjoys rock climbing, PC gaming, drawing, and trying new vegan recipes.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

Marketing Content Writer

Micah Hartmann

“I want to shine a light on some of the darkest places on earth and help bring hope to as many individuals as possible. Every enslaved human being deserves freedom and justice, and every free human being has a choice: to turn a blind eye or look an incredibly prevalent, modern-day problem in the face and take a stand against it.”


Micah comes to our Colorado office after four years as a content writer and graphic designer for a marketing firm in Iowa. Her graphic design degree from Iowa State University as well as her superb writing and marketing skills make her a perfect fit for her role as a Marketing Content Writer. Micah’s creativity and expertise shines in her ability to tell stories and share real experiences of those on the front lines—those who play a role in fighting human trafficking as well as those who have experienced it first hand. Being new to Colorado, she has had fun exploring the area. She loves to travel, go to concerts, and she is a bit of an iced coffee connoisseur. She is planning on rescuing an Old English sheepdog once she is settled, as dogs are one of her favorite animals.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

Director of Donor Engagement

Jamie Smith

After witnessing the signs of human trafficking first hand on more than one occasion, the thought of someone being held captive in this industry just broke me.  It was something I couldn’t turn a blind eye to.  I’ve felt prompted to enter into this space for quite some time now and am responding to this in an act of obedience in helping these victims.


Meet our Director of Donor Engagement, Jamie! She is responsible for developing relationships with donors and giving them a high-quality experience with our organization that fosters long-term engagement and investment. Her strong background in communications and proven initiative from both running her own photography business and years working in the non-profit realm makes her a perfect fit for our Advancement Team. When she isn’t in the office, Jamie loves to spend ample time outdoors hiking, camping, and sitting by the bonfire with her husband, three kids, and their two dogs. She also likes to indulge in her guilty pleasure of binge-watching investigative crime shows.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

Development Manager

Zach Ferlise

“Human Trafficking is an issue I have experienced first hand when working in North Aurora combatting poverty and homelessness. Once I saw humans being trafficked in my own community, I felt wholeheartedly committed to eradicating this issue.”


Zach helps build strategy and processes within the Advancement Department as their Development Manager. Before joining us at TER, he was Assistant Director of Operations at the Boys & Girls Club of the Pikes Peak Region. His background in organizational leadership and non-profit management makes him the ideal person to lead our team to success! In his spare time, Zach enjoys reading and writing, playing soccer, and binge-watching the latest shows at home with his girlfriend, their corgi, and two cats.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

Donor Engagement Specialist

Marlena Outlaw

“Human Trafficking has always been heavy on my heart, especially having witnessed it the first time I traveled overseas. To see it and know it is always happening, I cannot let that happen on my watch. It is not okay and it feels like such an overwhelming problem, but knowing that I can help just one person out of a dark place makes this huge issue feel that much lighter.”


Marlena was one of the very first employees of The Exodus Road team back in 2012. She was an integral part of the growth of TER and was willing to lend her many talents to any task thrown at her. After working for several other non-profit organizations, she is back with The Exodus Road and we couldn’t be more excited. In her current role, she connects with donors to keep them feeling informed and important. Marlena is married to her best friend and together they have two young children. They are an adventurous family who love being outside and spending time with friends. In addition to being a wonderful team member, wife, and mother, Marlena also teaches yoga. Her willingness and drive make her a valued member of our advancement team and we are so glad she found her way back to our organization.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

Donor Engagement Specialist

Charlotte Burton

In my opinion, there is no greater human rights issue in this day and age than modern day slavery. During my college studies, I focused on the issues that affect women globally, and nothing seems more pressing to me than the women and children who are being held against their will…Once you see this, you can’t not see it.


Charlotte has joined our advancement team as a Donor Engagement Specialist and we are thrilled to have her on board! Her passion for Women’s rights led her to get her degree from High Point University in International Relations and minors in Women’s & Gender Studies and Performance Theatre. She even spent some time working as a hotline fellow for POLARIS, a giant in the anti-trafficking field. Charlotte is excited to build relationships with donors and offer appreciation to those who support the mission of TER. In her spare time, Charlotte is very involved in the local theatre scene and is a devoted dog mom to her chihuahua, Regina.

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO


Stephanie Simer

I learned about human trafficking from my father who worked with a Federal Law Enforcement organization–but I never knew just how virulent human trafficking was until I stumbled upon The Exodus Road. From there I kept digging and learning and I felt a calling to serve. I knew that if my skills could support TER in their noble mission, it would be a true blessing.


Financial Integrity is important to us at The Exodus Road, and it’s important that we have a strong team to reflect that! Stephanie is our Accountant who serves the Finance team by assisting with the financial management of TER–everything from day to day accounting entries to audit prep. She graduated from CU Denver with a business degree (emphasis on Accounting) and began her accounting career as a financial auditor. During her down time, Stephanie and her husband enjoy being out and about with friends, finding new breweries, and taking their dogs (and cats) for runs and hikes around the area. We’re very fortunate to have found Stephanie, whose experience and passion will be a force to be reckoned with!

Works In:Colorado Springs, CO

Board of Directors

The Exodus Road

Matt Parker



Works In:Colorado Springs, Colorado & Global

The Exodus Road

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Works In:Colorado Springs, Colorado

CURE International

Matt Stowell




Works In:Grand Rapids, Michigan


Steve Leigh



Works In:Seattle, Washington

Grateful Inconvenience Media

Nate Griffin




Works In:Nashville, Tennessee

Empirical Technologies

Cliff Clarkson




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Homemaker, Human Rights Activist

Tori Murphy



Works In:Jacksonville, Florida

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Daniel Murphy




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