This November,
stand up and declare that
girls boys women men should $NEVER be sold.

You can make an impact

Kids Should $NEVER Be Sold

This November, you can join a community declaring that kids should $NEVER be sold. By starting a fundraiser, you can have a huge impact in spreading the word and raising funds to find and free kids trapped in sex trafficking. 

We’ll make it easy for you! Just follow the steps below.

Take The First Step

Launch your fundraiser

  1. First, choose your goal. We suggest $1,000. That’s the approximate average amount each survivor rescue costs in a normal year. 
  2. Next, click the button below. It will ask you to add your photo and a personal message to let your friends and family know why the fight against trafficking is important to you.

Let Others Know

Share your fundraiser

It’s time to share your fundraiser with friends and family through social media, email, text, or face to face! Create posts or videos and re-share posts from @TheExodusRoad on your social channels.

Not sure what to say? We can help! You can use our pictures and captions to rally your community for freedom.

I love that because of The Exodus Road I can support rescue without needing to have the skills and abilities to rescue victims myself. I'm grateful to be a small part of this freedom work!







You're in good company.

Need some inspiration? Check out the others who have joined our community of advocates raising funds for rescue.

Questions? Answers!

For additional questions, email our team at [email protected].

How do we come up with our suggested fundraising goals?

The numbers listed are estimates of the types of projects which The Exodus Road strategically funds.

For example, the $1,000 listed here that could help rescue a child is based on the 2019 cost per survivor rescue, averaged across our three main countries of operation ($942/ per person rescued). This figure does not represent, however, the infrastructure costs needed to support the fieldwork. The Exodus Road reserves the right to utilize all funding given to this campaign in the area of greatest, most urgent need. Click to view a complete view of our past financial and giving policies.

How do I challenge my friends to participate?

Challenge your friends with specific amounts! Did you know kids in SE Asia are sold for $20 for sex? For $2 in India? $80 in Latin America, and $100 in The United States? Use that number either as a goal you want to raise in total or ask each of your friends to give that amount. (All prices given here are from actual cases The Exodus Road operatives have worked with police.)

How do I know what to say when I share my fundraiser online?

Use the shareable social posts we’ve made just for you! You can find lots of graphics, downloads, and content to help spread the word here.

How will donations be used?

Donations will be used to fund the holistic and strategic work of The Exodus Road, including human trafficking investigations, aftercare for survivors, and human trafficking prevention efforts. Funds will be used in the area of greatest need.

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Click to open and save, and find captions below! If you’re doing your own fundraiser, swap in your fundraising link.


Caption 1

Right now, children are being sold into modern-day slavery in every country in the world. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. I’m standing today with @theexodusroad and declaring that kids should $NEVER be sold. Join me!

Caption 2

Girls in India are sold for $1.50. Girls in Thailand are sold for $15. Girls in America are sold for $100. But kids are priceless. Kids should $NEVER be sold. I’m rallying my community to do something about it! @theexodusroad

Caption 3

We might think that we can’t do anything about human trafficking. The problem feels too big, too complex, too dark. But every small spark of light makes a difference in the darkest places. I’m shining some light today by declaring that kids should $NEVER be sold. Will you join me? @theexodusroad

Caption 4

Around 40 million people are currently trapped in modern-day slavery — and 25% of them are children. They are sold to work in brick factories or fishing boats. Many are sold for sex, exploited in person or online.
I am not okay with a world like this, so I’m doing something about it. Kids should $NEVER be sold. Will you join me and @theexodusroad as we send freedom to the front lines of the fight against human trafficking?

Ready to fuel rescue today?