Operation Free Border

The story of how one police agency in Brazil’s Paraná state shifted their focus and has become a force of liberation for trafficked people in their country.

374 survivors of human trafficking freed in Brazil as a direct result of The Exodus Road

I cannot overemphasize the need to maintain our agency’s partnership with The Exodus Road. It has bolstered our counter-human trafficking efforts and led to further identification of victims of exploitation.

Law Enforcement OfficerFederal Police, Brazil

Here is your chance to impact freedom in Brazil.

So far in 2023, The Exodus Road’s TraffickWatch Academy training and technology donations provided by Cellebrite have been attributed to the rescue of 209 total survivors of sex and labor trafficking in Brazil. We’ve impacted the successful arrest of 12 perpetrators in these cases, as well.
Your contribution to The Exodus Road’s efforts in Brazil will ensure that law enforcement throughout the country can continue to do the work of investigation, rescue, and arrest.
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