The Story of The Exodus Road

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Give Rescue Today

You can help give rescue to sons and daughters trapped in human trafficking today.

3 Additional Ways you can join the movement

Take Action for Rescue.

Everyone has a role to play in freedom. Join us in the fight against human trafficking by advocating for rescue, learning the facts about this systemic issue, or even by applying to be a volunteer investigator.

Take Action

Receive rescue alerts.

By signing up for rescue alerts you’ll never miss out when a new rescue takes place! We send out these breaking news emails every time our teams have a successful mission with police. We typically celebrate between two and five rescue operations every month.

Rescue Alerts

Keep your kids safe.

Human trafficking is closer than you think. Visit our collection of free resources which will help you recognize the signs, fight trafficking in your own community, and keep the young people around you safe.

Keep Kids Safe


We take financial responsibility and transparency seriously here at The Exodus Road. It’s why we have an independent financial audit done every year, and it’s why we track every dollar given and use it where designated. We know your trust in us is as valuable as the money you give.

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Our Impact


Children, Women, and Men Freed


Traffickers and Perpetrators Arrested


Survivors Supported With Aftercare


Officers and Citizens Trained

Give Rescue Today