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Sons and daughters will be bought, sold, and abused tonight. Join a community of abolitionists with a monthly donation that will deploy operatives and aftercare workers to find and free victims of human trafficking.

We need 50 dedicated abolitionists like you to join our Search + Rescue community this April. Will you be one of them?

Find and Free Those Trapped in Human Trafficking

There are children being forced into sex work right now. These children are subjected to repeated physical and emotional abuse. But they cannot escape by themselves. They need someone to search for and find them — and they need someone now.

That is what our operatives are doing — actively seeking the children who are being abused and exploited. Others look the other way when they hear of this abuse of children, but we will not. And we know you won’t either.

Will you ensure our teams can continue this vital work with a monthly gift as part of our Search + Rescue community? A gift of $40 will fund one night of investigation each month. A gift of $100 will fund two nights of investigation and aftercare each month. 

Imagine the cumulative impact you could have on the lives of exploited people. We truly believe this is one of the most meaningful and significant impacts you can make with your life.

Join Search + Rescue

100% of your monthly gift will be used for front-line intervention and aftercare work.

Your donation is secure and you can trust that it will help bring freedom and justice to victims of human trafficking.

From Our Philippines Country Director

Your support is key to allowing Buddy Bartido and his team in the Philippines to continue the work of finding vulnerable children.

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As a member of the Search + Rescue community, you will join a group of like-minded individuals fighting for freedom. You’ll receive exclusive, behind-the-scenes information from our operatives about the work you are making possible.

Manila, Philippines

Children will be exploited tonight. You can be a part of the dedicated community that is fighting to find and free them.