Search + Rescue

Fight human trafficking. Send rescue to the front lines.

You may ask, “How do I fight human trafficking?” Our answer is Search + Rescue. Our Search + Rescue teams are comprised of trained operatives who gather evidence of human trafficking and facilitate rescue missions with local police. Our teams also include social workers who provide immediate care to survivors in their recovery. With a monthly donation of any amount, you can make sure their work continues.

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S&R Cyber Operations Center

Utilizing cutting edge technology, this center drives and analyzes data and evidence to support all field teams.


100% nationals. This team fights sex slavery in rural areas, especially with minors.


90% nationals. This team works both local and high-level cases, in both sex trafficking and sometimes labor trafficking. The regional S&R office is located here.


Vetted and trained western operatives. This team fights sex trafficking on short term missions throughout SE Asia and globally. Most are volunteers who serve for two-four weeks at a time.


50% nationals and 50% Westerners. This team works cases in North, Central, and South America. They fight both sex and labor trafficking.

What you can expect

When you join the Search + Rescue team with a monthly donation, you will be giving rescue to the front lines. And we’ll do our best to show you what your money is accomplishing. We’ll provide you with:

  • Regular email updates about the progress Search + Rescue teams are making including videos, photos, and stories
  • Frequent and inspirational social media updates
  • A welcome packet in the mail
  • Mission updates to your phone when they happen
  • Opportunities to connect personally with the operatives and social workers you are empowering
  • A chance to practically and effectively fight human trafficking

"These people are doing what no one else will do."

We're actively looking for those trapped in human trafficking. Watch here as ordinary people encounter our Search + Rescue work for the first time.

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