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Sons and daughters will be bought, sold, abused, and enslaved tonight. Your monthly subscription to Search + Rescue deploys investigators, law enforcement, and aftercare workers to rescue survivors.

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Find & Free Those Caught In Human Trafficking

The Exodus Road’s Search + Rescue teams are comprised of trained investigators who gather evidence of human trafficking and facilitate rescue missions with local police. Our teams also include social workers who provide immediate care to survivors during a rescue.

Here’s what your monthly support can do

100% of funds contributed through Search + Rescue
go to investigative, rescue, and aftercare work on the front lines.

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Trafficked at 12 Years Old

Anya and Ava may be the same age, but their lives have been very different. You can bring hope and send rescue to others just like them.


Join Search + Rescue 

Join Search + Rescue 

Join Search + Rescue 

Join Search + Rescue 

Join Search + Rescue 

Join Search + Rescue 

Your monthly gift of any amount directly empowers the investigative, rescue, and aftercare work of our teams. Donations provide critical items such as covert gear, investigative expenses, law enforcement support, and funds for social workers.

As a member of the community, you will also receive access to stories, interviews, and updates exclusive to our Search + Rescue members.

Your funds are used to deploy Search + Rescue investigators (predominately nationals) alongside local law enforcement and aftercare workers. These men and women work on the front lines to help rescue survivors and arrest traffickers.

When you join Search + Rescue, you will receive special access to stories of rescue that your giving impacts. You’ll also have unique opportunities to connect with the investigators and will be joining a community that celebrates freedom together.

Thanks a lot because you're the ones who did this for me. May God bless you and your families. I'm so so happy. Thank you.


Search + Rescue FAQ

How does the Search + Rescue program work?

In pledging a monthly donation, a donor can support investigative work and rescue operations that find and free victims of human trafficking and arrest traffickers and offenders. While costs and needs vary in each of the countries where we work, a monthly Search & Rescue pledge funds frontline investigators, social workers, investigations, gear, and mission expenses. 100% of a donor’s monthly donation goes directly to fuel our Search + Rescue teams on the front lines.

Members of the Search + Rescue community also get exclusive behind-the-scenes content every month sharing updates about the work they are making possible.

Where does The Exodus Road work in the world?

We have active Search + Rescue teams in India, Thailand, the Philippines, and an undisclosed country in Latin America. Our Cyber Analytics Team in the US also gathers evidence of human trafficking to deliver to US law enforcement. All of our teams are primarily comprised of local national leaders and staff.

Why are rescues and arrests so important in the fight against human trafficking?

We know that when we build the capacities and effectiveness of local justice systems to combat human trafficking crime, we are making a strategic impact. Survivors are freed, and criminal networks are stopped from exploiting more vulnerable people in the future. This is a strategic, effective, and long-term approach to bringing about positive social change.

Who are your undercover investigators?

The Exodus Road considers the safety of its investigators in the field of utmost importance. Because many of the agents live in the same countries where they are investigating, we do not publicly identify them.

The Exodus Road utilizes both a team of employed national investigators and a small team of Western volunteer investigators. Many of our investigators come from military or law enforcement backgrounds. Currently, most are male, but we do have several female investigators. Because of security, most active investigators maintain secure identities.

All investigators must pass an extensive vetting process, which includes a psychological evaluation and field training. All investigators undergo regular training in investigative best practices.

Does TER support aftercare for survivors?

YES! The Exodus Road recognizes that rescue is the first step in a long journey of restoration and healing for survivors of human trafficking. We invest in survivor care in each country where we work, and we employ local social workers and crisis care workers as an integral part of our Search & Rescue teams. In the critical hours during or immediately following an operation, these nationals (mostly women) are present to care for survivors and offer immediate and follow-up support. 

A portion of your monthly gift will support these national social workers and their critical roles during operations.

You can also read more about our global aftercare work by checking out our Beyond Rescue Program.

What about fiscal transparency and accountability?

The Exodus Road is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation in good standing in the state of Colorado. We are committed to fiscal transparency and accountability, earning 2020 Platinum rating through Guidestar.

Since 2013, we have voluntarily undergone an independent financial audit conducted by the national consulting firm CapinCrouse. Those reports are available online for our donors. You can see our full financial data by going here.

Additionally, 100% of the monthly giving for our Search + Rescue program remains designated for the front lines.

How we holistically fight human trafficking.

We are an organization of action, and we’re bringing about systemic, holistic change. We invest in three core programs:  TraffickWatch Academy, Search + Rescue, and Beyond Rescue.

Thank you for your vital support! Your donation will support the holistic work of The Exodus Road around the world, including our intervention, aftercare, and training programs. If you are a U.S.-based donor, we will email you your tax-deductible receipt. We are unable to provide tax receipts outside of the United States.