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An organization strategically fighting human trafficking

Sons and daughters will be abused tonight for someone else’s profit. But we’re helping to stop it. Here’s how.

1387 Survivors Rescued
684 Offenders Arrested
42 Active Operatives
4 Countries of Operation

here’s how we fight human trafficking


We empower and equip nationals to fight human trafficking in their own communities.


Working to support local police, we help free human trafficking survivors and arrest traffickers.


We use cutting edge cyber technology to impact the larger systems of criminal activity.

Here’s why we fight human trafficking

Every Rescue Matters

The work you fuel with us leads to rescue of real people — some of whom are closer than you think.

here’s where we fight human trafficking

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Both our headquarters and Cyber Operations Center are here. We gather and analyze data from our global field teams as we fight trafficking online. We also run our administrative, fundraising, and prevention projects from this office.

The Exodus Road started its first work in SE Asia. We have two offices, a Search & Rescue team, and both national and foreign staff. We fight sex trafficking and some labor trafficking here.

Led entirely by nationals, our Search & Rescue team here has had tremendous success with local police. They focus on fighting sex trafficking, particularly of minors.

Our newest team is comprised of both national and foreign investigators. We are working closely with the authorities on a variety of human trafficking and transnational cases.

Our second office in the U.S. is primarily an Advancement Office. We work to raise funding and secure grants to keep the rescue work moving forward.

Utilizing evidence gathered from our Cyber Operations Center, we mobilize investigators to follow leads and support authorities throughout the U.S.

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Search + Rescue

Composed of paid foreign nationals and Western volunteers, our Search + Rescue teams brave the darkness to find those trapped in slavery in multiple countries. They gather critical evidence and then support local police in rescue missions. They are the front lines of the fight for a free world. And you can join one with a monthly gift today.